By: Maya Lorimer

March 21, 2020

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Layla Mattress Review (2023)

Layla is a bed-in-a-box mattress company that makes two flippable mattresses with dual-sided comfort. That means when you buy a Layla mattress you’re getting both a soft bed and a firm bed. You can pick which side you sleep on every night.

A dual-sided mattress has two key benefits:

  1. If your injured or feeling sore and need to sleep on your back or stomach, you can flip the mattress to the firm side. Sometimes a person sleeps on a bed that’s perfect for a side sleeper but not great for a stomach or back sleeper. So if they’re in pain they’ll move to a couch, or a recliner or even the floor. With the Layla beds, you just flip over your mattress.
  2. A high-quality bed will last 10+ years, but that doesn’t mean your comfort preference won’t change in that decade. Sometimes life changes – such as fluctuations in weight or change in sleeping style – will dictate whether or not you want a firmer or softer bed. If you’re sleeping on a Layla mattress, all you have to do is flip over the bed to the preferred firmness.

So the question isn’t whether or not Layla’s dual-sided beds serve a purpose – it’s whether or not either of their two mattresses are right for you.

That’s what we’re covering today in our Layla mattress review (2020 edition).

Note: We updated this post with Layla’s 2020 Labor Day mattress sale information.

Layla Mattress Reviews 2021

Layla makes two mattresses: the Layla Memory Foam and the Layla Hybrid.

Both beds come with free shipping, a free sleep trial, and a lifetime warranty.

The difference is one Layla mattress is all-foam, while the other is a Hybrid mattress.

Generally, an all-foam mattress is going to be firmer, thinner, and cheaper than a hybrid mattress.

A hybrid mattress – which is a mattress made of both foam and coil technology – is usually softer and bouncier (due to the coils), thicker, and more expensive.

Let’s talk about the all-foam Layla bed first.

1. Layla Memory Foam Mattress – $899

The Layla memory foam mattress is a 10-inch all-foam mattress with a firm side and soft side. It’s made with high-quality, light foam so it’s easy to flip. The queen weighs about 70lbs.

Layla memory foam mattress review

The memory foam is infused with copper, which helps provide comfort and breathability.

Facts about copper in mattresses: Copper in mattresses has been shown to kill bacteria, making your Layla cleaner than the average mattress.

Beneath the memory foam is a layer of zoned air foam.

Zoned foam is great for support because your body isn’t one weight throughout – most of us weigh more in our hips and shoulders and the Layla mattress takes that into consideration.

2. Layla Hybrid Mattress – $1449

The Layla hybrid mattress is a 13-inch mattress with Layla’s trademark dual comfort: a firm side, a soft side.

Layla mattress review for the Layla hybrid mattress

The soft side uses 2.5 inches of copper-infused memory foam and a 2 inches of Layla’s airflow foam with zoned support. This gives it 4.5 inches of comfy, conforming foam.

Beneath the two layers of foam, the Layla Hybrid has 6-inches of individually wrapped innerspring coils. Individually wrapped coils are great because they reduce the risk of motion transfer – if your partner gets out of bed in the middle of the night to use a restroom, you won’t feel it.

The firm side has 1 inch of copper infused memory foam and 1.5 inches of Layla’s airflow foam.

We like Layla’s Hybrid Mattress so much that it made our list of the top 10 best mattresses of 2021

FAQs about Layla Mattresses

Is Layla a Good Mattress?is Layla mattress a good mattress?

Yes, Layla makes high-quality mattresses. Let’s look at why. Layla Sleep actually makes two different mattresses: the Layla Memory Foam and the Layla Hybrid.

Both mattresses use CertiPUR-US® certified foam (this means Layla’s memory foam isn’t toxic and won’t off gas in your home). Both mattresses are made in the USA.

Both mattresses come with a 100-night, risk-free sleep trial. If you don’t like your new mattress, just return it within the trial period for a full refund.

Plus, if you decide to keep the mattress, it is covered by a lifetime warranty. A lifetime warranty, like a dual-sided mattress, is pretty uncommon in the mattress industry.

Most people won’t keep their mattress for their entire adult life. You’re likely to want a bigger size at one point, or your body might need a different level of comfort. That’s what makes Layla such a good solution. If, as you get older, you want a firmer bed, you can just flip it over. And if the bed does start to sag about 1” or more, you can use the lifetime warranty to get a replacement.

Are Layla Mattresses Comfortable?

Yes, Layla mattresses use a mixture of poly-foam, memory foam, and coils to provide comfort and support. Comfort and support are the most important factors of a good mattress.

No matter how fancy or expensive or luxurious your bed is, if it’s not a mixture of comfortable and supportive, you’re not going to sleep well.

Let’s start with the Layla memory foam mattress.

The Layla memory foam mattress is 10 inches thick with dual-sided comfort. Like we talked about above, that means there is a firm side and a soft side.

The soft side of the Layla has 3 inches of plush, high-density memory foam. This makes it perfect for providing pressure relief, which keeps you from tossing and turning. This memory foam is also infused with copper.

Why copper?

Copper reacts to pressure. So the parts of your body that need more support (such as your hips and shoulders which have more pressure points) get more support from Layla’s copper foam.

Plus, copper is cool and breathable. By putting copper in their top layer of foam, Layla has made a very cool mattress, so you won’t sweat through the night.

And if you flip the Layla mattress over, then you’re getting the same quality of copper foam but it’s firmer foam.

Our Layla memory foam mattress recommendation:

  • We recommend Layla’s soft side for side sleepers, back sleepers.
  • We recommend Layla’s firm mattress side for back sleepers who like a firm feel or stomach sleepers.

Okay, what about Layla’s hybrid mattress?

the Layla hybrid mattress has 6 inches of innespring coils

Hybrid mattresses are the best of both worlds. This is because they are pressure-relieving and supportive. They have the comfy memory foam layer, but underneath it they have a firm system of coils.

The Layla hybrid mattress does this, plus more.

Like the memory foam mattress, the Layla hybrid mattress has two sides: firm side and soft side. Like the memory foam mattress, the Layla hybrid uses copper-infused memory foam for added support and breathability.

But it also uses high-tech individually wrapped coils. These coils are super supportive, preventing any risk of “sinking in” to the mattress.

Unlike the Layla memory foam mattress, the hybrid is 13 inches thick. Remember, generally the thicker the mattress the softer it is.

Our Layla hybrid mattress recommendation:

  • We recommend Layla hybrid’s soft side for side sleepers, back sleepers.
  • We recommend Layla hybrid’s firm side for back sleepers who like a firm feel. But even the firm side may be too soft for stomach sleepers. If you’re a dedicated stomach sleeper, consider getting the Layla memory foam mattress.
  • Definitely choose Layla’s hybrid mattress if you like a more traditional feeling mattress (like one found in hotels) and if you want more edge support from your bed.

Is the Layla mattress toxic? Is there off-gassing?

No, Layla mattresses use high-quality foam. Layla uses CertiPUR®-US certified foam.

This means, their beds DO NOT contain:

  • Ozone depleters
  • PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants
  • Mercury, lead, and other heavy metals
  • Formaldehyde
  • Phthalates as regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission

Because of this Layla mattresses are low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), so they don’t have that “memory foam smell.”

Layla vs Casper

Layla and Casper are big popular – and well-made – mattresses. But they are pretty different besides the fact that both companies ship quality bed in a box mattresses straight to your front door.

Layla makes two mattresses that have dual-sided comfort.

Casper makes three mattresses and doesn’t really focus on firmness scale, as much as the technology in their beds.

For a complete review, check out our post on Layla vs Casper.


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