By: James Cusk

September 4, 2022

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Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme Review (2023)

Keetsa is an online mattress company that makes several different bed in a box mattresses. They’re mattressed are shipped directly to you (and come with free delivery because they’re conveniently compressed down and shipped in a box). Keetsa mattresses come with a 100-night sleep trial (so you can return it if you don’t like it).  After the sleep trial is up, you’re protected by a 12-year warranty. This warranty is really there to help you if your mattress starts sagging or develops a dip. (A sagging bed can lead to tossing and turning and a painful night’s sleep.)

Keetsa makes 6 different mattresses and in this post, we’re going to review one of their most popular models — the Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme

Here’s a quick breakdown of some key details:

  • The Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme is a memory foam mattress (which means it’s good at providing pressure relief).
  • The Tea Leaf Supreme has edge support. (I.e. the edge of the bed is a little firmer/sturdier than the rest of the mattress. This is perfect if you like to sit on the edge of the bed and tie your shoes in the morning.)
  • The Teal Leaf Supreme has over 200 4-star reviews (and over 180 perfect 5-star reviews) from its customers.
  • The Tea Leaf Supreme is eco-friendly, supportive, and comfortable.
  • The Tea Leaf Supreme is currently on sale. Usually, a queen-size Tea Leaf Supreme is $1690, but at the moment you can use the promo code STAYCOMFY to get 15%. (FYI: This promo code will work for any Keetsa mattress, not just the Tea Leaf Supreme.)
  • The Tea Leaf Supreme — like all Keetsa mattresses — has a 12-year mattress warranty and a 100 night trial period.

Click here for pricing and customer reviews

Our Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme Review (Updated for 2023)

Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme

The Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme is a 12-inch tall memory foam mattress that uses all foam layers from top to bottom.

Let’s go through each layer in more detail.

  1. The cover: The cover is a linen blend cover. Linen is known for its softness and its breathability. Putting a linen blend cover helps keep you from sleeping hot at night.
  2. Fire barrier: Directly beneath the cover is a fire barrier — this is a cotton fabric that’s treated to be flame retardant.
  3. Fiber padding: The Tea Leaf Supreme’s first comfort layer is a layer of fiber padding. The Tea Leaf Surpeme’s fiber padding also wicks away moisture. Between the cool linen cover and this layer of fiber padding, the Tea Leaf Supreme is going all out to make sure you won’t sleep hot. 
  4. BioFoam®: A double layer of high density foam conforms comfortably to your body shape and temperature, creating a body-conforming contour that cradles you in pressure-free sleep. It’s this BioFoam® that helps provide you with pressure relief, which is what makes the Keeta Tea Leaf Supreme a good choice for people struggling with back pain. 
  5. The Core— The Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme has a thick core layer of foam. This serves as the mattress’s support layer. Basically, its firm and rigid layer helps support the rest of the mattress. 

Reasons to Buy the Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme

Reason #1: It’s (relatively) affordable

Whether something is affordable or not depends less on the price tag, and more on the amount you have in your bank account. And there is a wide range of prices for quality memory foam mattresses. Still, after doing all of the mattress reviews we’ve done, we think Keetsa is affordably priced (for what it offers).

Here’s the full pricing breakdown of the Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme.

  • Twin — $990
  • Full — $1390
  • Queen — $1690
  • King — $2090
  • Cal-King — $2090

Keep in mind those are the regular prices. There are almost always promos on Right now, you can get 15% off any mattress with the promo code STAYCOMFY. That means you. can get the Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme in a queen size for $1436.50.


Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme Sale Price


Reason #2: You’re a side sleeper or back sleeper

Our Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme Mattress Review

Side sleeping and back sleeping are by far the most popular sleeping positions. The Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme is a medium-soft mattress, which makes it great for side sleepers. Your shoulders and hips get the contouring support they need. On a firmer bed, you might experience a dull sensation in your arm or pressure on your hips. Not in the Keetsa Tea Leaf supreme.

Because of its strong and durable core layer, the Tea Leaf Supreme is also great for back sleepers. But if you’re above average in size, then you might want a slightly firmer mattress

Reason #2: You want to finance your new mattress

Keetsa partners with Affirm financing, which can often offer 0% interest.

Reasons Not to Buy the Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme

Reason #1: You’re a stomach sleeper/You want a firmer mattress

First, it’s good to note that stomach sleeping isn’t recommended. It isn’t very good for you. It goes against the natural curve of your spine and can put a lot of pressure on your lower back. It’s also bad for your neck, which is often turned awkwardly when you sleep on your side. 

But if you’re a stomach sleeper and can’t change to a side sleeping or back sleeping position, then you’re going to want a firmer bed than the Tea Leaf Supreme. You can reach our review on the Keetsa Cloud, which is our pick for stomach sleepers.

Reason #2: It’s out of your budget

The Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme is a reasonably priced mattress, but it still might be out of your budget. We don’t think you should go into debt for a mattress. There are quality mattresses at most price points (though it’s a challenge to find a queen mattress that will last for under $800). 

If the Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme is out of your budget — and you don’t want to finance your purchase — then check out the Keetsa Cloud. The Cloud is a memory foam mattress that provides a lot of the same features as the Tea Leaf Supreme, but it’s much more affordable — the Keetsa Cloud is (with the promo code) under $1000.

For a full breakdown of the two models, see our post: Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme vs the Keetsa Cloud.

Reason #3: You hate memory foam

The Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme is made of all foam. It uses both memory foam (which conforms to you) and poly-foam (which is firmer). 

Memory foam isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer the bounce and familiarity of a coil mattress. If this is you, then you’re not going to like the Tea Leaf Supreme.

In this case, we’d recommend that you look at the Keetsa Pillow Plus. This is an innerspring mattress that uses coils as its support system.


How long do Keetsa mattresses last?

Keetsa mattresses have a 12 year warranty. That 12 year warranty mainly helps protect your investment in case your new bed starts to develop a sag or dip within those 12 years.

That means your Keetsa mattress is meant to last at least 12 years. But that doesn’t mean that after 12 years it’s time for a new bed. To figure out how to decide if it’s time for a new bed, check out our list of 5 signs it’s time for a new mattress.

Can I buy a Keetsa mattress on Amazon?

Sometimes you’ll find a Keetsa mattress on Amazon but keep in mind that this is from a reseller. That means if you buy your Keetsa mattress on, you’re not buying it from an official Keetsa store.

In these cases, Keetsa will likely not be able to help you with 1) your sleep trial or 2) your mattress warranty. You’d have to deal with the reseller who sold you your mattress.

That’s why we recommend — if you’re going to buy a Keesta bed — to buy it from

If you’re looking to buy through Amazon, check out our list of the best mattresses on Amazon.


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Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme Review (2023)

September 4, 2022

Keetsa is an online mattress company that makes several different bed in a box mattresses.

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