Our 2020 Guide to Keetsa Mattresses

Keetsa Mattress Review 2020: A Buyer’s Guide to Keetsa Beds

Keetsa makes six high-quality mattresses, with price points ranging from $490 to $2390. They make innerspring, pillow-top, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses – which means they have an option for everyone.

But Keetsa is relatively new to the market and it can be difficult to find informative Keetsa mattress reviews that tell you whether or not you’ll get a good night’s sleep on a Keetsa bed. While Keetsa offers a trial period, it’s best to find out as much about a Keesta mattress as you can before you buy, because:

  1. Keetsa’s return policy requires you to sleep on the mattress for 30 days before you start the return process. This is relatively normal in the bed in a box industry, but it’s still frustrating. It means you can be sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t work for you for an entire month.
  2. Keetsa charges a 10% processing fee on returned mattresses. This is less common in the mattress industry, but will probably become more common as the online mattress industry grows – returning a bed isn’t cheap on the company or good for the environment. Still, paying a 10% fee for a product you don’t want sucks.

To help you avoid the processing fee and pick a bed that’s actually comfortable for you, we’ve looked at all of their six models, read through customer feedback, and put together this guide to all 6 Keetsa mattresses.

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Affiliate Disclosure: We are supported through affiliate relationships with certain vendors, including Keetsa. If you purchase a product through one of our links, we may earn a commission. But if you hate the product and return it, we also lose that commission. So, we don’t want to waste your time or ours. There are Keetsa mattresses we love (such as the Keetsa Pillow Plus) and Keetsa mattresses we are less crazy about (the Keetsa Tea Leaf Dream is a good bed but pretty expensive when compared to other brands, such as the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora). In this post, we do our best to explain all you need to know about Keetsa – the good and the bad.

Keetsa Mattress Reviews (2020)

  1. Keetsa Plus – This is Keetsa’s most inexpensive option. It’s a firmer mattress, so it’s our choice for stomach and back sleepers.
  2. Keetsa Pillow Plus – This plusher version of the Keetsa Plus is great for side sleepers.
  3. Keetsa Cloud – This is firm to medium-firm all foam mattress. We’d recommend this one for back or stomach sleepers.
  4. Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme – A 12 inch memory foam mattress, the Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme is our favorite Keetsa model and is great for all kinds of sleepers (stomach, back, side, and combination).
  5. Keeta Tea Leaf Classic – Exactly one inch thicker than the Tea Leaf Supreme, the Tea Leaf Classic a great mattress for sleepers who like that plush feel.
  6. Keeeta Tea Leaf Dream – Keetsa’s most luxurious model, the Tea Leaf Dream is a medium-soft memory foam mattress that offers edge support.

For more information on each model, keep reading below.

1. Keetsa Plus

keetsa plus review as part of our keetsa mattress reviews

The Keetsa Plus is a firm coil mattress that is made for back sleepers and stomach sleepers. Its 9 inches thick and comes to you in a box with free shipping.

Mattress Insider Tip: 9 inches is a relatively thin mattress. A good rule of thumb states that the thinner a mattress, the firmer it will be. This is a firm mattress and is likely too firm for side sleepers. If you’re looking for a good Keetsa mattress for side sleepers, consider the Keetsa Pillow Plus

The Keetsa Plus mattress has a cotton canvas cover. The cotton cover is unbleached and certified by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, which means it’s eco-friendly, free of harmful chemicals, and safe to sleep on. Plus, because it’s 100% cotton, it’s the cover is breathable, so you’re not likely to sleep hot through the night.

Beneath the cotton canvas cover, there is a fire barrier (required for all mattresses) and fiber padding that Keetsa says, “keeps you cooler by wicking away moisture and increasing airflow.”

Beneath the cooling fiber padding is a layer of Bio Foam. Keetsa’s Bio Foam is memory foam, which means it’s great for supporting you without trigging pressure points. This is because memory foam conforms to your body. Keetsa uses CertiPUR-US certified foams in their beds, to help reduce any risk of off-gassing.

Beneath the Bio Foam is a layer of Comfort Foam. Keetsa’s Comfort Foam is poly-foam, which means it’s more breathable than memory foam but not as pressure-relieving. It makes sense that Keetsa put it beneath the Bio Foam. Some mattress companies put poly-foam as the top layer, but Keetsa prefers to arrange its foam layers this way:

  1. Memory foam/ pressure relieving foam on top.
  2. Poly foam / firmer foam as the 2nd or 3rd layer.

This means Keetsa mattresses are great for increased motion isolation (so you and your partner won’t wake each other up when one of you moves in the mattress) and pressure relief.

Finally, the last part of the Keetas Plus mattress is Keetsa’s iCoil® system. Keetsa uses individually wrapped coils – sometimes called pocketed coils – which are great for cutting down on motion transfer, separating weight and motion. Plus, coil mattresses are the most breathable mattresses on the market.

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2. Keetsa Pillow Plus – $990

The Keetsa Pillow Plus is a thicker, softer version of the Keetsa Plus. The Keetsa Pillow Plus is 11 inches thick and features an extra layer of high-density foam between the comfort foam and the iCoil support system.

The Keetsa Pillow Plus is a good option for back, stomach, and side sleepers.

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3. Keetsa Cloud – $990

Keesta Cloud Review Diagram

The Keetsa Cloud is a 10-inch memory foam mattress. It uses the same cotton canvas cover and fire barrier found in the Keetsa coil mattresses.

We’d like to have seen a little more focus on providing you a cool sleep since this is a memory foam mattress and the cover that works for a coil mattress may not be enough for an all-foam mattress.

The Keetsa Cloud uses the same Bio Foam memory foam material found in the iCoil series but the difference is instead of a coil support system, the Keetsa Cloud uses a core made out of poly-foam.

This actually makes a pretty firm feel, which is why the Keetsa cloud is recommended for stomach and back sleepers.

4. Tea Leaf Supreme – $1,590

The Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme is a soft, 12-inch memory foam mattress that is perfect for back, stomach, and side sleepers.

It’s in the Teal Leaf Supreme that the cover changes from a cotton canvas cover to a hemp blend cover. The hemp blend cover is soft but durable, and is still certified by OEKO – TEX to be safe for your skin.

Besides that, none of the materials in the Tea Leaf Supreme change, you just get more memory foam. The Teal Leaf Supreme is the first Keesta mattress where you’re really getting that “memory foam” feel, so it’s conforming and pressure-relieving.

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5. Tea Leaf Classic – $1,590

Keetsa’s Tea Leaf Classic is a 13-inch hybrid mattress with a hemp blender cover, layers of conforming Bio Foam, responsive comfort foam, and supportive high-density foam. Plus, beneath it all, there’s the individually wrapped coils as a support system that increases the Tea Leaf Classic’s breathability.

6. Tea Leaf Dream – $2,390

The Tea Leaf Dream is Keetsa’s most luxurious mattress that is 14 inches thick and contains all of the materials in the Tea Leaf Classic but extras like pressure relief foam and edge support.

The Keetsa Tea Leaf Dream is a good bed, but at over $2,000 it’s not competing with brands such as Casper and Brooklyn Bedding.

Note: If you’d like to see a direct comparison between Keetsa and Casper, we wrote a Keetsa vs Casper comparison.

The one thing the Tea Leaf Dream has that most brands do not – edge support. If you want your new bed to come with edge support – something that is difficult to find in bed in a box brands – then the Keetsa Tea Leaf Dream might be the right one for you.

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Edge Support

Edge support is when the edge of your mattress is firmer or more rigid than the rest of your mattress.

Customers like edge support because:

  1. When they sit on the edge of their bed to get up or tie their shoes, the edge of the bed doesn’t collapse.
  2. A lot of people sleep relatively close to the edge of the bed. Without edge support, some customers feel like they’ll literally roll-off.

Mattress Warranties

Buying mattresses online is not without its risks. You don’t get to try the mattress out and make sure you like it. This is why online mattress companies generally offer a sleep trial. Plus, reputable mattress brands offer (at least) a ten-year warranty to protect your investment.

How Long Do Keetsa Mattresses last?

All Keetsa mattresses have a 12-year warranty. The warranty covers “open seams that cause damager to the inner foam or spring material” that impact “the overall function or comfort of the mattress.”

The warranty also covers “visible” and “permanent” sags in the mattress that are greater than 1.5”. That’s a pretty big sag. In fact, most mattresses we review cover a sag that is ¾” or greater.

Finally, for the Keetsa’s coil mattresses, the warranty covers coil failure. Coil failure is when a coil doesn’t bounce back or a coil protrudes out of the mattress.

For the warranty to be valid, your Keetsa mattress must be supported by an appropriate bed frame.

This means, the bed frame must:

  • Be sturdy, in good shape
  • Be flat or nearly flat (with more than 4 inch gaps between wooden slats)
  • Shouldn’t be the old boxspring  your old mattress is currently on

Keetsa makes three different frames that fit these qualifications:

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Shipping and Sleep Trials / Return Policies

Keetsa offers free delivery in the 48 contiguous United States (with delivery to Hawaii, Alaska and most of Canada for an extra charge).

Keetsa wants to make sure you enjoy your mattress, so if you get it home and don’t like it, here’s what you can do.

First, you must try your Keetsa mattress for 30 days. Keetsa says this is because it can take 30 days to really get adjusted to a new mattress.

Second, if after those 30 days you still don’t like it, reach out to Keetsa to discuss your options. If your complaint is your new Keetsa mattress is too firm then Keetsa will probably try to sell you a comfort layer that you put between the mattress and the sheet.

Third, if you don’t want a comfort layer and just want to return the Keetsa mattress, then Keetsa will pick up your mattress and refund you your money, minus a 10% processing fee.

Mattress Certifications

Anyone can make a mattress and sell it online – honestly, it isn’t that difficult to find a mattress supplier, pay them to make the bed, and put your name on it.

One of the ways to separate the amateurs from the professionals is by looking to see what kind of mattress certifications a mattress brand has.

Mattress certifications help show that a mattress is well-made, flame resistant, eco-friendly, safe to sleep on, and more.

Okay, but do Do Keesta Mattresses Have any Certifications?

Yes, all Keetsa mattresses use Certi-PUR® US certified foams and Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex® textiles, to make sure you’re only sleeping on safe and toxin-free materials.

Mattress Types

There are three main mattress types.

  1. Innerspring mattresses – Sometimes called spring beds or coil mattresses. Innerspring mattresses are the most popular/traditional type of mattress. This is likely the mattress you grew up on. They are bouncy and affordable.
  2. All-Foam mattresses – This could be memory foam or latex foam or poly-foam. All-foam mattresses, especially memory foam mattresses, are more gaining in popularity because foam mattresses are generally very supportive and comfy.
  3. Hybrid mattresses – A hybrid mattress is a mattress that is roughly half coils and half foam. This means there are latex hybrids, memory foam hybrids, and poly-foam hybrids. Hybrid mattresses try to give you the pressure relief of an all-foam bed, with the familiar bounce of an innerspring mattress.

Below, we go over each type in more detail, including the pros and cons of all the mattress types.

Innerspring vs. Hybrid vs. Memory foam

Innerspring mattresses, sometimes called coil mattresses, are the most popular mattress technology on the market. But they come with both pros and cons.

  • Pro: Innerspring mattresses have a nice familiar bounce, tend to be less expensive than latex mattresses or memory foam mattresses, and are very breathable (so you don’t sleep hot).
  • Con: Innerspring mattresses aren’t the best for pressure-relief. The bounce of coil mattresses can also lead to high motion transfer (so if your partner moves in the middle of the night you can feel it).

Hybrid mattresses are popular because they provided the pressure-relieving benefits of a foam mattress but give you that familiar bounce and comfort associated with coil mattresses. Hybrid mattresses tend to be pretty expensive, but besides that are a very popular type of mattress.

Memory foam mattresses are some of the best mattresses for relieving pain points, conforming to your body, and reducing tossing and turning. But low-quality memory foam mattresses can sleep sink in too much, leading to back pain and sleeping hot.


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Final Thoughts: Are Keetsa Mattresses a Good Bed?

Keesta mattress makes 6 different beds, from the budget-friendly Keetsa Plus to the big-ticket, luxurious Keeeta Tea Leaf Dream.

Their mattress line-up includes:

  • Coil mattresses
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Latex foam mattresses

They use eco-friendly foam that is Certi-PUR® US certified, plus they use quality materials in their cover and offer a 12-year warranty and a sleep trial – if you’re worried about the 10% processing fee, we think the best Keesta mattresses are as follows:

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