By: Maya Lorimer

September 6, 2020

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Haven Mattress Review (2023)

Haven makes two different mattresses:

  1. The Haven Premiere Mattress – a 12-inch all-foam mattress that is $665 for a Queen with the ongoing Labor Day Mattress Sale.
  1. The Haven Boutique Mattress –  a 14-inch memory foam mattress that is $910 for a Queen with the ongoing Labor Day Mattress sale.

Generally, online bed in a box mattress companies offer a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

But Haven is a little different. Each Haven mattress comes with an 18-month sleep trial and a lifetime warranty

By having an 18-month sleep trial, Haven can offer some unique perks.

For example, it can take a while before your body adjusts to your new mattress. Most mattress companies offer 90-100 nights sleep trial, but that may not work for everyone. What if you travel? Or what if you have serious back issues and it takes longer than that for you to adjust? Giving yourself a mental clock down of “I need to figure out if this bed is right for me” in 100 nights can be stressful, which leads to worse sleep.

Haven’s industry-leading 18-month sleep trial lets you forget about your bed – so you can see whether or not it actually is improving your sleep on a normal day.

Then there’s the lifetime warranty. The average mattress warranty is around 10 years long, but this gives consumers the idea that a bed should only last 10 years – this just isn’t true.

If your Haven bed starts to sag or form a body impression that is greater than 1”, your purchase is protected, for as long as you have the product. That’s impressive – and it means you can literally keep sleeping on the mattress you love without having to change out brands in twelve years, because if your bed does sag, Haven will either fix it or replace it.

So, Haven mattresses have:

  1. A fantastic sleep trial where you can try the bed for 18-months without worrying about return fees.
  1. A lifetime warranty which means your bed will perform for as long as you own it, or repair/replacement is covered.

But, those awesome perks are irrelevant if you’re sleeping on a crappy bed. So, the question is now: how good/comfortable/supportive are Haven mattresses?

Let’s go over our review below.

Affiliate DisclosureWe are supported through affiliate relationships with certain vendors, including Haven. If you purchase a product through one of our links, we may earn a commission. But if you hate the product and return it, we also lose that commission. So, we don’t want to waste your time or ours. Haven makes two high-quality beds, but they aren’t for everyone. In this post, we do our best to explain all you need to know about Haven mattresses– the good and the not-so-good. 

Haven Mattress Review 2020 – How We are Reviewing Haven Beds

Feel and comfort are generally subjective – like taste, what is too sweet for you might be perfect for your date. Like wine – what is too dry for you, might be preferred by everyone else at the table.

Because of that, we don’t spend too much time on how the Haven mattresses feel, but rather on how they’re constructed.

What matters in these reviews are:

  1. The quality of materials
  2. The ways in which the materials are used together to create a supportive mattress
  3. How the bed addresses the main interrupters of a good night sleep – tossing and turning, pain, and feeling hot.

1. Haven Premiere Mattress Review

Haven Mattress Preview - Premerie Mattress

The first thing your body feels when you lie on the Haven Premiere mattress is it high-quality quilted cover. We say high quality because Haven uses 450GSM (grams per square meter) of cotton in its cover. This means it’s breathable and not so light that your body doesn’t feel comfortable, but not so thick that there’s a risk of the mattress sleeping hot.

You want the first thing you feel on a mattress to be comfortable but light and breathable. The Haven Premiere does this well.

The second thing your body feels is 3 inches of Haven cooling buoyancy foam.

Haven uses their own special cooling poly-foam in their beds, to reduce any risk of feeling “sunk” in your mattress or any risk of sleeping hot.

With Haven’s cooling poly-foam, you’re going:

  1. Gel-infused poly foam that is breathable and supportive.
  1. Foam made specifically for Haven that reacts faster than memory foam.

Beneath that layer is 2 inches of a supportive transition foam layer. What’s unique about this layer is Haven has perforated holes throughout the layer that keep the bed breathing.

An all-foam mattress is literally layers of foam. These layers of foam are generally held together by a coat of glue. This means it can be difficult for air to go through the foam layers – this leads to a heat trap, which leads to you waking up, kicking off the blankets, stripping out of your pajamas, and getting up to turn down the A/C.

Any mattress company worth considering will put thought into how their first three layers combat any risk fo sleeping hot, and the Haven Premiere does that by:

  1. Having a breathable cotton cover that isn’t too dense.
  2. Using poly foam over memory foam (poly foam is more breathable than memory foam)
  3. Using perforated ventilated holes in the transition layer.

Finally, the last layer is Haven’s 7-inch base foam.

This is the foundation on which the house is built, so to speak. If a mattress has a weak or thin base layer than the other layers are at risk for sagging.

Haven’s Premiere mattress uses a 7-inch base, which means this is a supportive bed.

Okay, but who should buy the Haven Premiere Mattress?

Based on the layers of foam, and how they’re arranged, and its profile height (12 inches), the Haven Premiere mattress is perfect for stomach sleepers, back sleepers, or sleepers who prefer a medium-firm mattress.

Because it uses poly foam and a thick 7-inch high-density foam base, this is a great bed for those on their back or stomach – those who don’t need the plush feel that side sleepers often need.

It is also – at $665 for a queen size and only $595 for a full size – a great option for a guest bedroom.

2. Haven Boutique Mattress Review

Haven Bed Review - Boutique Mattress Review 2020

Mattress Insider Note: For best results, try sleeping on the bed, not walking on it.

The Haven Boutique Mattress is Haven’s 14-inch memory foam mattress. It’s Haven’s luxury mattress but its budget sale price of $910 for a queen still makes it an affordable option for most, especially when compared to the higher-end models of competing brands.

The Haven Boutique is different from the get-go: The first thing you feel is its Ice Fabric Cover and buoyancy foam.

The Boutique mattress uses heavier cotton – which means it’s softer and cozier, but Haven also sews gel into the cover. This means the bed is going to feel cool and comfortable and plush.

Beneath the ice cover, you get 1 inch of cooling buoyancy foam. Haven designed this layer of foam to regulate your body temperature with the seasons – it helps keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Beneath the 1-inch cooling foam, you get 2 inches of gel-infused foam. This is the same poly foam found in the Haven Premiere. It’s light and breathable.

Beneath that 2 inches of gel-infused foam, you get 3 inches of memory foam. There wasn’t any memory foam in the Haven Premiere. The benefit of memory foam is that it takes the pressure off your body, reducing aches and pains, and therefore reducing tossing and turning.

Haven puts its memory foam layer 4 inches deep in the mattress to reduce any risk of your mattress sleeping hot – the further the memory foam layer is from your body, the less the risk of it becoming a heat trap. But Haven mattresses also claims their mattress “has greater thermal neutrality” than other types of memory foam, so it “retains less heat/”

Finally, there’s the 8-inch high-density foam base. This is one inch thicker than the Premiere, and that’s good so it helps support the extra layers of comfort foam you’re getting above.

Okay, but who should buy the Haven Boutique Mattress?

With its extra cooling properties and 3 inches of memory foam, we recommend this mattress for:

  1. People who sleep hot.
  2. People who sleep on their side or back (it might be too soft for stomach sleepers)
  3. People who have a lot of aches and pains in their shoulders and hips.

Haven Mattress Accessories

Generally, if you’re buying a new mattress it’s because you’re currently sleeping on a bed that is not comfortable, causes you pain, makes you hot, or is just so old and stained you need a new one.

In each case, you might be looking for something more than a mattress to complete your bed.

Haven sells foundations and adjustable beds, both of which can help with the support you get from your mattress.

  1. Haven Adjustable Base – easy assembly (takes less than 5 minutes to get started), head and foot adjustability (raise both your head and feet up or just your head or foot), USB charging ports on both sides of the bed for your smart devices, wireless remote with batteries included, and the ability to program your favorite position (such as zero gravity or having the head raised up to watch a movie).
  2. Haven Mattress Foundation – a solid, flat foundation that keeps your warranty from becoming void. It’s easy to assemble and fits on the food, on bed frames, and in bed sets.

Haven also sells sheets and a mattress protector, both of which can help with keeping your mattress clean and cool.

  1. Luxury soft sateen sheets – Haven made their sheets to compete with 5-start hotel bedding. They feature 100% non-genetically modified cotton and have a thread count of 300.
  2. Tencel mattress protector – Use this Tencel mattress protector to keep liquids (from urine to alcohol to sweat) out of your mattress, keeping it healthy and clean. Plus, because the mattress protector uses Tencel, the protector is going to feel cool and refreshing.

Finally, Haven also sells a gel memory foam pillow, which helps with sleeping posture, no matter what your sleeping position.

  1. Gel Memory Foam Pillow – Using a velour Bamboo cover (to keep heat away from your face), and zoned support, this gel memory foam pillow is designed to work with both side sleepers and back sleepers (though it’ll be a touch too thick for stomach sleepers).

Final Thoughts about Haven Mattresses

Haven makes two beds – an all-foam model and a memory foam model. Both mattresses are shipped from South Carolina and are made to order.

With Haven, you’re getting:

  1. One of the longest (if not the longest) sleep trials in the mattress industry.
  2. The longest possible warranty (lifetime).

They have beds that are good for stomach and back sleepers (the Premiere) and a bed good for side and back sleepers (the Boutique).

If you have any other questions, ask them below and we’ll do our best to answer them.


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