By: Elizabeth Tran

January 26, 2023

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Dyson V8 vs V10: an In-Depth Review (2023)

The Dyson V8 and the V10 operate as cordless stick vacuum cleaners and handhelds. Each model is designed for quick, easy use and convenient storage. With a few notable differences in design and output, I will go over each one’s key features, cleaning performance, and price

Dyson V8 vs V10: Which One is Right For You

In a hurry? Here’s our quick recommendation for your next cordless vacuum cleaner based on our in-depth review.

Buy the Dyson V8 if:

  • You are looking for a lower-price option with optimal design and performance
  • You want a quieter, lighter, smaller vacuum
  • You have a small-medium size home

Buy the Dyson V10 if:

  • You want an advanced and powerful model
  • You’re looking for a low-maintenance option and want an extended life cycle
  • You want a longer run time
  • You have a medium-large size home 

Dyson V8: an In-Depth Review                   


The Dyson V8 core pieces include an extension shaft connecting the portable handheld canister to the cleaning brush head. You can also attach all other accessories directly onto the handle for mobile light cleaning, such as a crevice tool, a motorhead, a soft roller, etc.


Direct Drive Brush Head —The cleaning head operates as your typical motorhead brush head bar that spins to sweep up and release dirt and debris from carpet fibers. It is designed to maneuver tight corners and pivots. It can also lie flat to glide under furniture. You’ll generally have an easy go with each connecting part.

Dustbin Ejection SystemThe Dyson V8 model was a game changer in 2016 when the company came up with a hygienic dirt ejection system. With a drop-and-release mechanism, dumping debris out means there is no need to remove or re-attach the T-shape-designed chamber. In other words, saying goodbye to ever touching the dirt scooped up in the dustbin

WeightThe Dyson V8 (5.7 lbs / 2.61kg) vs. the Dyson V10 (V10 5.9 lbs / 2.67kg) is slightly lighter, which may not seem so significant unless you’re particular about cleaning ceiling corners or window frames. 

Triple Light Charging Indicator – an upgrade from the previous models, it lets you know when the battery is low and how much charging is required.  When you need to charge it, just insert it into the docking station.



The Dyson V8 includes a number of attachments for all different tasks. There are slight differences between the three V8 models, which vary in price and the number of accessories included. Keep in mind that certain pieces and models also vary between regions and retailers. The performance on carpet and bare surfaces is pretty much the same across the board. 

The Dyson V8 Absolute —If you want more mileage with a longer battery run, it can cover significant square footage on carpet and bare surfaces. It is the only model that comes with the Fluffy Roller Head Cleaner. The specialized cleaning piece efficiently picks up larger debris on flat floor types / hardwood floors like wood or tile floors.

The Dyson V8 Animal —While it performs as well as the Absolute, this handheld vacuum has fewer accessories than the Absolute but has more accessories than the Motor Head. 

Motor Head —The most basic and budget-friendly model includes only the standard pieces. The model is unfortunately not available in North America.

The chart guide below details inclusions and use for each model.


Hepa Filter System —The Hepa Filters work in a sealed filtration system. It operates through cyclonic technology, with proper airflow to separate large and smaller debris into two cylindrical filters. Basically, whatever is sucked in is trapped; even the tiniest particles cannot exit through cracks in the vacuum body. A guarantee that the air coming out of the vacuum is clean. 

Suction PowerRunning across low and high pile carpet, the V8 series works well on high power mode to pick up ultra fine to larger debris like sugar, rice, cereal and so forth. You definitely want to opt for the Absolute model if you have lots of bare surfaces to cover. The other cleaning heads will just push large pieces around.

Noise Level – is engineered with sensitivity in mind by having acoustic-like chambers to keep the noise at a minimum. The Dyson V8 is slightly quieter at 73 decibels compared to the Dyson V10 at 75 db. 

Battery Power – settings can be adjusted to regular or high power mode (no medium mode). Depending on the attachment used and adjusting the power level will determine the battery length time. In other words, when the Dyson V8 operates at maximum capacity with a motorized cleaning head the faster the battery runs out. A fully charged battery generally gives you about 20-30 minutes of vacuum time. You will have to wait another 5 hours to get a full charge.


The Dyson V8 model comes with a 2-year warranty. 

The Hepa Filter requires a monthly wash in cold water with a 24-hour dry run. 

The battery replacement is about every 3-4 years. As long as the max power suction is avoided, your vacuum time can run in longer stretches without the worry that the battery will overheat.

Dyson V8 Customer Reviews

  1. A satisfied buyer after finding the Dyson V8, which does a quick job, adapts to multiple surfaces and works well with pet hair because of all the numerous accessories.


  1. Compared to the disappointed vacuums of her past, this buyer raves about the Dyson V8’s lightweight, power and convenience of emptying the dustbin.


  1. The review mentions strong suction power and easy maintenance but complains about finger exhaustion after continually holding the power trigger for too long. (The vacuum runs only when the power button is pressed) It also mentions paying extra for particular accessories to use a second supplementary battery.


Dyson V8 Pricing and Where to Buy


The Dyson V8 is available on the Dyson website, Amazon and Best Buy.


Dyson V10: an In-Depth Review


With its improved design, Dyson V10 works efficiently for medium to larger spaces on multiple surfaces. 

Newly Designed Dustbin —Compared to the Dyson V8, using the V10 may feel slightly smoother with its new seamless design. The once T-shaped dustbin is now horizontally flush with the overall assembly. While the dirt ejection system is still in place, the upgraded build is positioned for a point-and-shoot release to empty the dust bin. The caveat is the extra step required to detach the extension wand before emptying the dirt out. The canister is a bit larger, with a capacity of 0.77L, but surprisingly compact due to the improved design of the duo-cylinder filter. The two separate filters are now snugly combined in a nesting structure. 

Torque Drive Brush Head – The main cleaning head is another metamorphosis to their V series vacuum. The Dyson V10 includes the Torque Drive brush, with the benefits of flexibility. While the standard direct drive is a no-no for bare floors due to the abrasions it can cause, the Torque Drive is designed smarter with a built-in switch to adjust brush settings accordingly. With the help of a robust suction cup, the advanced cleaner head can eat up larger debris on hardwood surfaces without the worry of leaving a trail of damage.

3-Setting Power Mode If you remember, the Dyson V8 only runs on regular or max power. The V10 has taken it up a notch with a medium setting. 

Warning Blinkers – Directly below the three-level light indicators—that allow you to gauge when it’s time to power up, the Dyson V10 now lets you know, via separate blinkers, if there are issues with the filter or a clog in the vacuum.


The Dyson V10 comes in three different models, which include various tools for all different tasks. Similar to the Dyson V8 series, it comes with the same core tools, adding more attachments as you go up a tier. The only difference between the Dyson V8 vs. V10 is the two extra cleaner head brushes (Fluffy and Torque) included in the Absolute and Animal model.

These are the main differences between the Dyson V10 models

V10 Absolute —The jacked-up model with the Torque Drive cleaning head and ten accessories, including the Fluffy Cleaning brush. This unique cleaning head is an innovative Dyson design that captures larger coarse pieces on bare flooring.

V10 Animal While at par in performance and power as the Absolute, it doesn’t come with the same amount of accessories, namely the Fluffy Head Brush. Not a good option if you have mainly bare floors. You’ll want to consider the Animal or the Absolute if you have a larger space and need longer battery time.

Motor Head – The economical option that does the standard job but with the bare minimum attachments. It is also designed with a smaller dustbin capacity of 0.63 liters. It is the only model in the Dyson V10 line that excludes the Torque Brush Head but with the Direct Drive cleaner head instead. The plus side is in its lighter weight at 5.5 lbs.



Suction Output Power –At 145 air watts, the V10 captures much more dirt than its previous model.  It also gives you more control with the three-power setting. A win if you need to deep clean in between carpet fibers.

Battery Power — The Dyson V10 uses seven-cell, lithium-ion batteries with about a life cycle of 15 years. The run time will vary depending on the set power mode and accessory used. It runs for up to 60 mins on low to moderate settings and about half that time on max settings. You’re looking at a charging time of 3.5 hours. 

Noise Level — At 75 decibels, the noise factor on the Dyson V10 is slightly louder than the V8 despite the acoustic-like engineering.

Sealed System Filters — The V10 continues to operate with its trademark sanitation process, ensuring an allergen-friendly and pollutant-free airflow.



Attached with a 2-year warranty, owning a Dyson V10 will cost you virtually zero dollars because of its 15-year battery life cycle. The Hepa Filter is made to last unless you damage or lose it. The maintenance on it is a cold wash once a month and a 24-hour drying time. 

Dyson V10: Customer Reviews

  1. A new buyer/user loves the purchase so far, namely the easily snappable and powerful suction that cleans up after a sheddy dog.

  1. These homeowners, who frequently clean after their 3 kitties on Spanish tiles and carpet, enjoy their V10 for its power and efficiency. It can suck up so much without causing wrinkles to their carpet. 

  1. Despite the positives about the Dyson V10—powerful suction and numerous attachments as well as the soft brush for her wooden floors, there were faulty results after 2-3 years of owning it. She found it clogs very easily and the canister and motorized brush head roll no longer stay securely in place.

Dyson V10: Pricing and Where to Buy

The Dyson V10 is available on the Dyson website, Amazon and Best Buy.


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