By: Maya Lorimer

August 17, 2020

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Brooklyn Bedding Reviews (2023)

Brooklyn Bedding is a family-owned bed in a box mattress company that started out of Arizona. They make and sell five mattresses, all of which except one are hybrid mattresses.

Here is their complete line-up:

  • Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Brooklyn Bedding’s best mattress for the price. Comfortable, well-designed, and cool to sleep on. Queen size: $1274
  • Brooklyn Signature HybridNot a fan of memory foam? Get support and comfort without memory foam. Queen size: $749
  • Brooklyn Bowery HybridThe budget option. Available with or without coils. A great bed for a kid or a spare bedroom. Queen size: $599
  • Brooklyn Spartan Hybrid A mattress designed for athletes, hard workers, and those who need a mattress that, like them, goes the extra mile. Queen size: $1499
  • Brooklyn Bloom HybridAn eco-friendly, firmer than most, bouncy, latex hybrid mattress. Queen size: $1499
  • Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid Brooklyn Bedding’s most luxurious mattress with thick layers of memory foam and advanced cooling. For those who want the best of everything. Queen size: $1799

When trying to pick between Brooklyn Bedding’s five mattresses, we think it’s a little bit of a waste of time to factor in price. If you need the cheapest one that’s the Brooklyn Bowery. If you want the most expensive one, that’s Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid.

They also all come with the same sleep trial and warranty (which we go over in detail below).

But to find the best Brooklyn Bedding mattress for you, you’re going to want to focus on comfort and support.

Brooklyn Bedding offers comfort and support by using a mix of all popular mattress technologies: latex, memory foam, poly-foam, and innerspring coils.

In our post today, we’re going to look at each mattress, describe what kind of person works best for each mattress, and then consult some third-party mattress reviews.

Affiliate Disclosure: We are supported through affiliate relationships with certain vendors. If you purchase a product through one of our links, we may earn a commission. 

1. Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid – $1,274Brooklyn bedding aurora hybrid

The Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid is a comfy, supportive mattress. It’s 13 inches thick and can be made as a soft, medium, or firm bed.

We like that Brooklyn Bedding gives us the option to pick different firmnesses – not a lot of mattress companies do anymore. But if you’re a side sleeper, you’re generally going ot like a softer feeling mattress. But if you’re on your back or stomach, you’re going to do better on a firmer bed. Medium-firmness is really common for combination sleepers or couples who are sharing a mattress. It’s sometimes considered the safest route – not too soft, or too firm.

Who Should Buy a Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid?

The Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid is a perfect mattress for a sleeper who wants the benefits and comfort of memory foam, without having to worry about “sinking in” or “sleeping hot.”

Again, if you’re a side sleeper we’d recommend you pick either the soft or medium option. If you’re a stomach or back sleeper (or just like a firmer feel), go with the firm option.

But no matter what firmness levels you choose, you’re still getting the same quality materials and paying the same price.

How the Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Keeps You Comfortable

The first layer you feel when you lie on an Aurora Hybrid is a 1.5” layer of breathable and highly durable foam called CopplerFlex™ foam. We like that that this is the first layer because as a sleeper you want the most breathable layer of the mattress to be at the top, where your body generates the most heat. We’ve tried it out and can attest – the Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid sleeps very cool.

Beneath that first layer, Brooklyn Bedding puts three inches of support foam. First, there are two inches of poly-foam. This helps keep your body supported so your hips don’t sink into the bed. Beneath that, there’s an inch of memory foam. The inch of memory foam is to help the mattress cradle you as you sleep.

Think of it this way: you want your bed to conform to you, but not give in too much. That’s why Brooklyn Bedding layers the foam like this: soft, bendable CopplerFlex™ Foam, followed by a firmer poly-foam, topped off with a conforming layer of memory foam.

How the Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Keeps You Supported

Beneath the layer of memory foam, there are up to 1,032 individually wrapped coils (the actual coil count depends on what size mattress you buy). These coils – sometimes called pocketed coils – provide the main support and bounce of your mattress. And because Brooklyn Bedding chose to individually wrap the coils because that’s the best way to stop what’s called motion transfer – where you can feel your partner moving in the night. By using individually wrapped coils, the innersprings don’t affect each other as much. This means if your sleeping partner gets out of bed in the middle of the night or tosses and turns over, you’re not likely to feel it. This is called promoting motion isolation.

How the Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Keeps You Cool

In addition to the breathable foam layers, Brookly Aurora Hybrid uses a phase change material (PCM) to keep you cool. PCMs work by being activated by heat – your own body heat. So when you add heat to the mattress, the PCM is activated and cools you down.

Brooklyn Bedding says the PCM infused cover keeps your skin temperature at “an ideal 88 degrees” for sleep.

2. Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid – $749brooklyn bedding signature hybrid

The Brooklyn Signature Hybrid is an 11” hybrid mattress that is available in a soft (plush), medium, or firm option. Brooklyn Bedding calls it their “best selling” mattress, which probably has something to do with its great price point. It’s $999 normally, but Brooklyn Bedding is usually running a sale that can bring it down to under $800.

$750 for a queen hybrid mattress with a 120-day trial period and a 10-year warranty is a great deal.

But it’s a waste of money if it’s not the right bed for you. Let’s look at it in detail below, and compare it to the more expensive Aurora Hybrid we covered above.

Who Should Buy a Brooklyn Signature Hybrid?

The Signature mattress is a great option for those who don’t want the memory foam feel. Brooklyn Signature uses poly-foam (non-memory foam) throughout, along with individually wrapped coils. This means it’s going to have less of a sinking/contouring feel.

This mattress will feel more like a traditional innerspring bed. This helps explain the lower cost – memory foam mattresses generally cost more than non-memory foam mattresses, and the Brooklyn Aurora has memory foam in it.

If you’re looking for a quality bed, but don’t want to pay more (or just don’t like) for upgraded technologies such as memory foam or latex, then get the Brooklyn Signature.

How the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Keeps You Comfortable

The Brooklyn Signature Hybrid keeps you comfortable with two inches of what they call TitanFlex foam. That’s fancy mattress speak for Brooklyn Bedding’s own unique foam that’s supposed to replace memory foam and latex. Obviously, it can’t quite do that. But it’s a good alternative if you find memory foam too soft and latex too firm.

How the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Keeps You Supported

Beneath those two inches of foam, there is another two inches of transitional foam. And then there are six inches of individually wrapped coils. Compare that to the Brooklyn Aurora Signature. It isn’t that you’re getting a less well-made bed, but you’re getting fewer materials (you’re also getting about 100 coils less in this bed, which just means less evenly distributed support). This is why Brooklyn Bedding can sell it at such a lower price point.

How the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Keeps You Cool

The  Brooklyn Signature Hybrid uses PCM in its cover to help keep you cool, plus without a memory foam layer, there’s even less risk of this mattress sleeping hot.

3. Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid – $599Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid

The Bowery Hybrid is a budget hybrid mattress at under $600 for a queen. For a mattress that uses both foam and coils, comes with a ten-year warranty and a 120 sleep trial, that’s a great deal.

The Bowery Hybrid is only available in one firmness – medium, but it does come in an all-foam option, which we cover at the end of this section.

Who Should Buy the Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid?

Mattress shoppers who are looking for a budget mattress will love the Brooklyn Bowery. Or if you’re looking for a mattress for a guest room or for a kid who is still growing.

How does the Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid Keep You Comfortable

First, the Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid uses a 1-inch layer of quilted gel memory foam with a transition layer of foam beneath that. This helps give it a nice contouring feel.

How does the Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid Keep You Supported

The first layer is a 1-inch layer of quilted gel memory foam. This is a nice, soft, comfy layer of foam and its on top of a two inch of a firmer poly-foam layer called Energex foam.

With the budget price, you’re not going to be getting as much memory foam, as well as not any advanced cooling technology.

This is a comfy and well-made mattress, but it’s the economical model – you get what’s essential in a bed, and not much more.

How does the Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid Keep You Cool

The Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid doesn’t use any phase change material or wool or organic cotton as other models we’re covering in today’s mattress review, but it does have less foam in it (and less memory foam in it) than other models. That, plus its hybrid structure, makes this a temperature neutral model – similar to the Bloom Hybrid.

Plus, there’s the Brooklyn Bowery All-Foam Option. . .

If you’re not crazy about coils (for some people they bounce too much and can trigger their pressure points), then you can get the Brooklyn Bowery All-Foam model. It’s similar to the Bowery Hybrid, but instead of coils, you get a 5-inch high density base foam and thicker Energex foam at the top of the mattress.

If you’re not sure which one you want, in this particular case, the foam model will feel firmer and more rigid than the coil model.

4. Brooklyn Spartan Hybrid – $1,499Brooklyn Bedding Spartan hybrid mattress

The Brooklyn Spartan Hybrid is made with more advanced material than the other Brooklyn Bedding mattresses. It uses unique infrared technology in the top layer of the mattress to “transform your body’s heat into waves of energy.” This helps you recover faster by getting better sleep. Because of that, this is a great mattress for someone with an active lifestyle, whether that’s working a physically demanding job, running marathons on the weekend, or playing sports.

Who Should Buy the Brooklyn Spartan Hybrid?

Given its price point, the Brooklyn Spartan Hybrid is a great buy for most customers. Like the other Brooklyn Bedding models, the Spartan Hybrid is available in three different mattress firmnesses: soft, medium, and firm.

While the Far Infrared Rays (FIR) technology is a major win for athletes, the truth is everyone will benefit from it.

How Does the Brooklyn Spartan Hybrid Keep You Comfortable?

The Spartan Hybrid has a nice and thick comfort layer – 4.5” of contouring foam.  3.5” of light and adaptable poly-foam (read: not memory foam). Beneath those 3”, there is a 1” layer of memory foam.

How Does the Brooklyn Spartan Hybrid Keep You Supported?

Beneath the 4.5” of foam, the Spartan Hybrid has 8” of individually encased coils. (The actual amount of coils will vary depending on the mattress size you choose; the bigger the mattress, the more coils it uses).

How Does the Brooklyn Spartan Hybrid Keep You Cool?

To keep you cool, the Brooklyn Spartan uses:

  • Coil technology
  • Memory foam with gel swirl (to break up any heat from getting trapped)
  • Light and breathable poly-foam at the top of the mattress
  • TitanCool™ phase change material (PCM) to regulate your body temperature

5. Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid – $1,499Brooklyn bedding bloom hybrid latex hybrid mattress

The Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid is a latex hybrid mattress. It’s 12” inch mattress with a firm, medium, and soft option. But it’s going to be a firmer feel – overall – than the other beds we’ve discussed in our Brooklyn bedding reviews. This is because latex foam is more resilient than memory foam, and feels more like it’s “pushing” back and less like it’s “sinking” in.

Who Should Buy the Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid?

The Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid is our pick for any customer who wants the bounce and durability of latex foam. Latex mattresses are generally expensive because they’re in high-demand. They are eco-friendly, long-lasting, and supportive.

The Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid is a great deal because Brooklyn Bedding uses some latex foam at the top but is able to offer this to you at a steep discount because it also uses less expensive materials – such as coils.

How Does the Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid Keep You Comfortable?

The first 3 inches of the Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid are made of up Talalay latex. This makes the mattress “buoyant” and can often feel “firmer” than other memory foam or polyurethane foam mattresses.

If you visit a Brooklyn Bedding showroom, and jump on a memory foam hybrid and then jump on the Bloom Hybrid, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

How Does the Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid Keep You Supported?

Beneath the 3 inches of Talalay latex, there is 8” of individually wrapped coils and beneath that there is a 1” base of high-density foam. This helps the entire mattress stay in place and not shift throughout the night.

How Does the Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid Keep You Cool?

The Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid keeps you cool because it uses Talalay latex. Latex, generally, is a much more breathable material than memory foam. Heat doesn’t get trapped in latex like it can in dense foam – and since the only layer of dense foam on this bed is at the very bottom, there’s very risk of waking up because your bed is making you sweat.

Plus, the Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid uses wool and organic cotton in its top cover. These are soft and breathable materials that will help you sleep cool. But, it must be said, this Hybrid doesn’t have as much cooling technology as the other Brooklyn Bedding mattresses we’ve talked about in our review. If you’re really looking after a cool bed, a bed that feels cool to the touch, consider the Spartan or the Aurora.

We would consider the Brooklyn Bloom hybrid as temperature neutral more than specifically cooling.

6. Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid – $1,799Brooklyn bedding sedona hybrid memory foam hybrid mattress

The Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid is a new mattress from Brooklyn Bedding. It’s 14 inches thick and uses 3 inches of memory foam, making it one of the most memory foam heavy mattresses on our list. Unlike other Brooklyn Bedding mattresses, it doesn’t come with firmness options.

Who Should Buy the Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid?

The Brooklyn Sedona is a luxury memory foam mattress. This high-quality option is great for those who want the best bed a company has to offer, but also it’s a perfect match for sleepers who have a lot of aches and pains in the joints or really sensitive pressure points, in their shoulders, hips, and knees.

The natural pressure relief capabilities of memory foam make the Sedona Hybrid a pretty good contender for #bestmattressever.

How Does the Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid Keep You Comfortable?

The Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid uses four inches of foam to keep you comfortable. Specifically, beneath ther first layer of non-memory foam poly foam, the Sedona Hybrid uses memory foam varies in terms of density and elasticity to keep you comfortable. The lighter and more contouring foam at the top, and the more dense foam as the third layer.

How Does the Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid Keep You Supported?

Beneath the 4 inches of poly foam and memory foam, the Brooklyn Sedona uses the familiar 8” inch individually wrapped coil system to keep you supported. Beneath that coil system, there is the 1” of high density foam to keep the bed durable and stationary.

How Does the Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid Keep You Cool?

Given the thickness of the foam – and the high density memory foam used – the Sedona hybrid works to keep you cool by putting cooling fibers or advanced yarns in the knit cover of the mattress. Plus, the memory foam used is gel infused. Gel infused memory foam helps keep heat from getting trapped in memory foam layers.

Now that you know about Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses, let’s discuss some critical information about buying an online mattress*, specially:

  • Sleeping Positions
  • Temperature Regulation
  • Box Springs, adjustable beds, and foundations
  • Trial Period and Return Policy
  • Warranty

*Note: yes, you can definitely visit the Brooklyn Bedding showrooms if you live in the right state. But just like Casper and Tuft and Needle, most of Brooklyn Beddings customers are likely to be shopping form home on their computer.

Sleeping Positions

One of the biggest indicators of whether or not a specific mattress will work for you (whether it’s a firm mattress or a soft mattress, a memory form bed or a latex mattress) is your sleeping position.

  • If you’re a side sleeper, you’re likely to want a medium to medium soft mattress. This is because side sleepers have curves that need to be filled or supported with the bed, such as the space between your shoulders and hips.
  • If you’re a back sleeper, you’re likely to want a medium to medium firm mattress. This is because your body is mostly straight when on its back, just with a slight curve at the base of your spine. If you go to a firm, and get an extra firm or ultra firm mattress, your lower back may not get the support it needs.
  • If you’re a stomach sleeper, you’re likely to want a firm mattress. Generally, it is recommended you do not sleep on your stomach, as it goes against the natural curve of your spine. But if you have to – due to a medical reason or a preference you can’t quit, then it’s best to get a firm bed. The softer your mattress, the more your hips sink into it, the more uncomfortable it can be on your spine and lower back.

What if you want an ultra soft or an extra firm mattress? The above are general guidelines but how you sleep is shaped by how you’ve slept your entire life. Rumor has it that firm mattresses are more popular in Asian countries than soft mattresses. Also, your body weight and shape is a critical factor into how your body responds to a mattress.

What’s more important than following a general outline is making sure the mattress company you’re buying from, whether it’s or a mattress off of amazon, has a generous trial period so you can try the mattress on home and see how it works for you and your body type.

Temperature Regulation

A mattress salesman once told me: you only wake up for two reasons, 1) you’re in pain and 2) you have to go to the bathroom. I’d add one more: you’re hot.

When you’re hot on a mattress it’s incredibly uncomfortable, especially as most of us need to sleep with some kind of blanket or covering. This means you need to add weight to your body that’s already hot because of your hot mattress.

But what makes a mattress hot?

Historically, customers were led to believe through marketing that memory foam mattresses are always hot and coil mattresses are cooler. And while that isn’t technically true, there’s some truth in the lie.

The thicker and more dense the foam the harder it is for air to travel through it. The less air travels through foam, the more it gets stuck in one area, the more it leads to hot spots, which can lead to you sweating.

Most memory foam mattresses (and hybrid mattresses and latex mattresses) have done a great job over the past ten years making sure they don’t sleep hot. I’ve tried hundreds of mattress brands in the past eight years and I’ve never encountered one that makes me feel hot.

But that’s because I’m doing mattress reviews on reputable brands with high quality materials that are CertiPUR-US certified. The rule of thumb is the cheaper the materials, the higher the risk of a bed sleeping hot.

Is there a difference between temperature regulation and temperature neutral?

Some mattresses use phase change materials (PCMS) that work to cool you down. These beds can feel a bit like a stainless steel refrigerator when you put your hand on it. These are actively working to turn any warmth into a cooling factor.

That’s very different from a bed that’s temperature neutral – that neither cools you down or heats you up but is a non-factor. In this case, your diet (whether you’re eating a lot of spicy food or red meat), your room’s temperature, your pajamas (or lack of pajamas), and your bedding will decide whether or not you’re sleeping hot.

Box Springs, Adjustable beds, and Foundations

One of the most overlooked questions from online mattress shoppers – until the bed actually arrives – is what will I put my new mattress on?

If you’re replacing a mattress you bought in the last decade, the chances are you’re using a box spring or foundation Box springs and foundations aren’t the same thing – a foundation is the more common type of base now. Think of it as a box spring, without the springs. It’s sturdy, heavy-duty, and replicates the rigidness of the floor.

Most online mattress companies – Brooklyn Bedding included – sell their own foundations. There is little difference (besides color and style) from foundations, whether you’re getting it at Brooklyn Bedding,, or Amazon. As long as it’s sturdy, relatively flat (you want wooden slats that are no more than 3 inches apart from one another).

You can also get an adjustable base. An adjustable base is a foundation that moves up and down. You’ve seen these before if you’ve ever visited a hospital room, the adjustable bases we’re talking about are not hospital beds. These are luxury furniture items that give you, the sleeper, a long list of benefits, including:

  • Reduces snoring
  • Makes it easier to breathe (a big win for if your stuffed up or sick)
  • Reduces lower back pain
  • Makes it easier to sleep on your back or side (a big win if you’re trying to stop stomach sleeping)
  • Makes it easier to watch tv, read a book, eat in bed, or work in bed.

Similar to foundations, when it comes to buying an adjustable base, you don’t have to stick with the same company. You can shop around for the best price.

That being said, Brooklyn Bedding does sell an adjustable bed at a very good price point: the Ascension Luxe Adjustable Base at $799 (for a queen size).

This base comes with some great features, including:

  • Preset positions (that can be adjusted to your preference), including: TV viewing setting, zero gravity, anti snoring, lounging, etc.
  • 2 USB charging ports (great for your phone, tablet, smart watch)
  • A built-in flashlight in the remote (great for waking up in the middle of the night or having to look under the bed in case you dropped something)
  • A power down battery (this is a wonderful future – perfect if the power ever goes out at your house. This power down battery gives you enough juice to flatten your bed so you’re not stuck in the up position.)

Trial Period and Return Policy

Brooklyn Bedding has a generous and fair return policy. You get 120 days on all of their mattresses to make sure you like it. If you don’t or the mattress doesn’t give you a good night’s sleep, then call Brooklyn Bedding and they’ll pick it up and refund you your money.

Let’s face the terrible reality: no matter how good your new mattress is (and if you buy a bed from Brooklyn Bedding you’re getting a good mattress), you still might hate it.

Online mattress shopping is – generally – easier than showrooming a mattress at a large showroom with a bunch of options and no information. But there’s still an inherent risk of buying a bed you haven’t tried before.

This is why bed in a box mattress companies offer sleep trials on your new bed. Generally, they go like this, try the bed for a specific number of nights, if it doesn’t work for you, call the company and they will pick it up and refund your money, no penalty, no fees.

In our experience, a good sleep trial will be at least 90 days long, but any longer than 120 nights is overkill. You should, ideally, know if a mattress is right for you after 1-2 months of sleeping on it. However, some people need more time (such as those who travel or those who have serious back pain concerns).

When shopping for mattresses, make sure there’s a generous and fair sleep trial and return policy.

FAQ about Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses

Is Brooklyn Bedding Non-Toxic?

Yes. Brooklyn Bedding uses CertiPUR-US® certified foam, which means its safe to purchase and sleep on.

This helps prevent any off gassing or bad smells when you unpackage your new mattress

Where are Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses Made?

All Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are made in the USA. In fact, Brooklyn Bedding is an Arizona company and has its factory in Phoenix, Arizona, where all mattresses are made and distributed from. Brooklyn Bedding even manufactures its own coils.

What is the Most Comfortable Bed on the Market?

What’s comfortable to you and what’s comfortable for me is likely to be different. Some sleepers prefer the bounce and sturdiness of latex mattresses, while others want the soft conforming of memory foam.

The best mattresses on the market are ones that work with your sleep style (Are you a side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleepers, or a combination sleeper?), your weight, shape, and height.

What Do Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Reviews Say About Edge Support?

All except one of the Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are hybrid beds with innerspring coil systems for support. These individually wrapped coil systems are great for edge support and unlike traditional all-foam or memory foam mattresses, these Brooklyn Bedding hybrids score well for edge support.

To clarify: Edge support is when the edge of your mattress is slightly firmer or doesn’t have that “run off” feel of an all-foam mattress. Edge support is more common in coil mattresses than foam mattresses and is popular because people like to sit on the edge of their bed in the morning when getting ready or at night when getting ready for bed.

Is Brooklyn Bedding Right For You?

I hope this guide was helpful. A quality mattress, like a bad mattress, is just layers of foam. But the difference is in the details – what materials are used? How are the layers arranged?

With Brooklyn Bedding, we covered all of their 6 mattresses,

  • Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid 
  • Brooklyn Signature Hybrid 
  • Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid 
  • Brooklyn Spartan Hybrid 
  • Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid
  • Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid 

I think this is a respectable company that sells quality mattresses at a fair price. If you’re looking for a new mattress, whether one that’s for you and your significant other or one for a parent or a child or a guest room, I think Brooklyn Bedding has something for you.

Questions? Ask them below.


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