How Many Air Purifiers Do I Need?

Indoor air pollutants are 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor levels, which can be a startling fact when you think about how much time we spend indoors. But it makes sense when you think about it. Indoor areas aren’t as ventilated, we’re using ovens, colognes/perfumes, we’re tracking in dirt from outside, we have more products (like furniture), and so on.

That’s why having an air purifier should be a given.

But when you start looking at how to get clean air in your homes and offices, you’re going to quickly come up against a big question — how many air purifiers do I need?

Do you need air purifiers for every room, or could one big unit do the job? Should your air purifier always be on or just when you’re in the room? What if you have pets or are sensitive to allergens?

In this post, we look at those questions in detail, focusing on how many air purifiers you need by considering your room size and your needs.

How To Know If I Need Additional Air Purifiers?

In a perfect world, it would be great to have one inexpensive air purifier that could easily purify your entire home. But, unfortunately, that is not the case.

Some people might think, “Oh, I’ll buy cheap air purifiers for all rooms.” Well, they’ll be the reason behind the skyrocketing energy bill and could break down in a year.

The key to finding how many air purifiers you need is to consider a few factors and calculations. If you hate math, we have created a table of how many additional air purifiers you need.

Calculate The Amount of Indoor Air

You need to start by calculating the volume of indoor air. Use this simple equation:

             Volume = Indoor Area (sq ft) x Ceiling Height (ft)

For example, the indoor air volume calculation for your 1,200 sq ft home and 8 ft ceiling height will be:

1,200 sq ft x 8 ft = 9,600 ft3

Therefore, you need to clean about ten thousand cubic feet of air about 4 times for effective purifying. Essentially, that means the air purifier needs to clean 9,600 ft3 x 4 = 38,400 ft3 of air per hour.

The Capacity of Your Air Purifier

It is essential to understand that every air purifier has a unique capacity. An average air purifier cleans about 200 cubic feet of air in a minute. It means that the unit can clean 12,000 cubic feet per hour.

Given that you have to clean 38,400 ft3 of air per hour, you will need more than one quality air purifier for your home. Having multiple air purifiers is better than relying on one unit as they can efficiently remove airborne contaminants.

The Number of Air Purifiers You Need

We know that an average air purifier can clean 12,000 cubic feet of air. To find how many units you need, use this simple equation:

For your home, the calculation will be:

Total Number of Units = Total Volume of Air To Be Cleaned / Air Purifier Capacity

38,400 ft3/ 12,000 ft3 = 3.2 air purifiers

Air Purifier Table According To Home Size

For a house bigger than 800 sq ft, it would be best to purchase more than one air purifier. If budget is not a problem, a good idea would be to invest in air purifiers for every room of your home.

The following table can help you determine the right number of air purifiers suitable for your home:


1,200 sq ft






1,600 sq ft






2,000 sq ft






2,400 sq ft






2,800 sq ft






3,200 sq ft





Number of Air Purifiers Depending On Rooms

Now you know about the square footage that correlates to the amount of air an air purifier needs to clean and the unit’s capacity. So, let’s make it a step easier by breaking down your home into areas that require an air purifier.

For open living, kitchen, and dining, you need at least 2 air purifiers. Get an air purifier with a heavy activated carbon filter, especially for the kitchen, as it will absorb cooking odors.

You’ll need a low-noise, powerful air purifier for the master bedroom and baby room to ensure the unit absorbs as many contaminants as possible. For the basement, you’ll need a low-maintenance air purifier that can work along with a humidifier to prevent the growth of mold.

If anyone smokes in your house, their room might require more than one purifier.

Single or Multiple Air Purifiers: Which Option Is More Economical?

Instead of getting a whole-house air purifying unit, it would be best to have multiple air purifiers. After all, a mid-range unit could cost you around $100-$300, while a whole-house unit can easily set you back $2,500-$6,000.

Moreover, a whole-house unit is not easy to maintain and requires a professional cleaning service. Homeowners who are on a tight budget need to consider multiple air purifiers.

Even if purchasing 3 or 4 air purifiers upsets your budget, you could get one high-quality unit and easily move it from room to room.

What Size Air Purifier Do I Need?

Instead of buying an underpowered air purifier, you need to consider four sizes in which these units come:

Small Air Purifiers: These units are ideal for small, personal spaces. You should get one for a room up to 200 square feet.

Medium Air Purifiers: These units are ideal for rooms between 200 and 400 square feet. You could get 2 or 3 units depending on the usage.

Large Air Purifiers: These units are best for rooms between 400 and 1,200 square feet. If buying one unit exceeds your budget, you could get 2 mid-range units.

Whole-House Air Purifiers: These units are installed in the HVAC system and are worth the money. However, this unit is a sound investment only when you can afford it without breaking the bank.



How much electricity does my air purifier use?

The good news is that an air purifier does not use a lot of electricity. Its energy use is similar to a small to medium-sized TV. However, it can have an impact on your electricity bill if it is overworking or malfunctioning.

A small-sized air purifier for a big room can overwork. Moreover, you don’t need a big air purifier for a small space; it’ll just consume more energy.

Can I run my air purifier all day?

Yes, manufacturers recommend running an air purifier all day. It is because they are specifically designed to run and clean the air constantly. So you can turn them on even when you’re out of your home.

How long does an air purifier take to clean the air?

On average, an air purifier takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours to clean all the air in the room. Just how quickly it purifies the air depends on the quality of the unit, filter quality, power setting, and ACH (rate of changes per hour).






How to Wash Pillows: Learn How to Wash Any Kind of Pillow

When it comes to washing your pillows, you can’t treat every pillow equally. Some pillows are machine-friendly (though how you wash them depends on what type of washing machine you have). Other pillows can’t go in the machine — they need to be hand washed.

Whether you own a front-loading washing machine, a top-loader with/without an agitator, or you’re stuck having to handwash your pillows,  we are here to unlock separate washing guides and to make it as easy as possible.

Let’s get started.

How to Wash Pillows by Hand

People remain concerned about the durability of pillows, so they often prefer hand washing over machine wash. Sometimes, this cleaning method is a choice and other times it’s more like following care instructions mentioned by the manufacturer. Whatever scenario you are facing, I’m sharing an easy guide for your comfort.

Things You’ll need

  • Washing detergent
  • A bathtub or a big bucket

Here are some simple steps to follow for washing a pillow by hand:

STEP 1. Pick a big bucket or bathtub that provides adequate space for washing two pillows at the same time. It should be big enough that pillows are fully submerged in water.

STEP 2. You need to fill the bucket with warm water. Keep in mind that hot water will damage the inner material, while cold water will not properly clean the pillow.

STEP 3. Add one tablespoon of washing detergent for each pillow you are planning to clean by hand. Swish the water around, so soap and water create an even mixture.

STEP 4. Put pillows in the water, push them down so they are fully exposed to soapy water.

STEP 5. Then, it’s time to knead and squeeze each pillow one by one. Do it gently, don’t put too much pressure.

STEP 6. Let pillows soak detergent and water for at least half an hour.

STEP 7. Now it’s time to rinse your pillows. Start running the water and keep squeezing the pillow from every side. The purpose here is to squeeze out excess soap. You need to be patient here as it might take several minutes. Keep running the water until there is no soap residue remaining in a pillow.

STEP 8. Hang a pillow under direct sunlight to let it dry for several hours. A quick option is to use a dryer, but it is only recommended for a pillow whose material isn’t too delicate to crumble inside.

STEP 9. Check your pillow for dampness. Press it inside and ensure that it’s dried entirely. The sponge of the memory foam pillow can hold water inside. Be careful, because if you bring the pillow back on the bed without completely drying it, it may lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

How to Wash Pillow in Washing Machine

We put together separate guides for front and top loaders (with/without agitator), so you can pick one guide as per your machine type.

Washing Pillows in a Front Loader

STEP 1. Take off the pillowcase or any additional cover before washing.
STEP 2. Fill your front-loading washer with warm water.
STEP 3. Add 15ml of liquid detergent or one tablespoon of powder washing detergent for every pillow you plan to wash.
STEP 4. Press the Start button, and the machine will do the rest of the hard work for you. Next, please press the Bulky/Large button (if your machine has this option).

STEP 5. After the initial wash and spin cycle, you need to run a second rinse cycle to ensure that all the soap is squeezed out of every pillow.

STEP 6. Put the pillows in the dryer after the rinse cycle. Adjust setting at low or no heat as per pillow’s label and washing instructions. Keep in mind that this setting takes a long time. You can speed up the drying process by adding two big towels alongside pillows.

STEP 7. Wrap tennis or laundry balls inside a clean cloth and then put them inside the dryer so that your pillow remains fluffy and doesn’t dry flat.

STEP 8. Remove pillows from the dryer and air dry them under direct sunlight for at least 5-6 hours.

STEP 9. Once pillows are fully dried, bring them back on your bed.

Washing pillows in a Top Loader

A conventional style of top loader washer has an agitator while an advanced version is designed without an agitator. Let’s find out how you can wash pillows in a Top loader washing machine with and without agitators.

With agitator

If you have a top loader washer or a conventional washing machine with an agitator, you need to be a bit careful while washing your pillows in this washing machine. It’s because if you don’t position the pillow right inside the bowl, the agitator might damage your pillow material.

Here are some steps to follow:

STEP 1. Remove pillow cover and protective case (if any), and then start filling your machine with warm water.

STEP 2. Add one tablespoon of liquid/powder detergent to the water. Let it mix, and then place two pillows in your machine at the same time.

STEP 3. Arrange two pillows vertically around the agitator.

STEP 5. As the agitator is harsh on pillow material, you need to run a short washing cycle in a gentle setting.

STEP 6. Set the machine on a cold water rinse cycle and then spin cycle, so all the excess water and soap are squeezed out from the pillows.

STEP 7. Take two clean tennis or dryer balls, put them in the dryer. They will fluff the pillow filling while speeding up the drying process.

STEP 8. Tumble dry both pillows until they are dried fully . Again, low- or no-heat settings are preferred.

Without an agitator

A high-efficiency top loader washer doesn’t have an agitator, so it consumes less water and wash more stuff at a time. If you have this kind of washing machine at home, here is how to wash your pillows in it.

STEP 1. Remove the pillowcase and zip case as you need to wash the body of the pillow.

STEP 2. Set your washer on the longest cycle. Fill your washer with hot water. Once the water starts filling in, you can add one scoop of regular or liquid washing detergent to it.

STEP 3. As soon as detergent dissolves in water, it’s the right time to place two pillows at the same time in your washer. The purpose of placing two pillows together is to ensure that the washer is balanced and one pillow doesn’t drown so much inside the water.

STEP 4. Turn on the machine, flip both pillows upside down. Keep the lid open and let pillows soaked in water and detergent mixture for an hour to get rid of dirt and some stains.

STEP 5. After an hour, rerun the machine on full cycle.

STEP 6. Once pillows are washed, their drying time begins. Place pillows in the dryer and set

the dryer at low settings for synthetic ones and no-heat settings for feather-filled pillows.

STEP 7. Wrap laundry balls in a clean cloth and then put them inside the dryer, so you get fluffy dry pillows at the end.

STEP 8. Most driers only dry surface material, so you need to check the pillow for dampness. Drying a pillow under direct sunlight is highly recommended. They will kill bacteria and dust mites.

STEP 9. Hang pillows outdoors and let them air-dry for some time. Squeeze them gently after an hour and turn their sides to ensure that they are dried completely

Washing Yellow pillows with Baking Soda

Pillows are prone to spots and stains as they are exposed to sweat, makeup, food, and dirt. So, when your pillows turn yellow or have spots, you can use baking soda for spot cleaning. Besides, baking soda is a natural deodorizer that helps get rid of smell and make your pillow fresh.

Things you’ll need

  • Baking soda
  • Washing detergent
  • Water
  • Bowl
  • Towel

STEP 1.Mix baking soda with water in a bowl and make a thick paste.

STEP 2. Dip a towel in this mixture and dab on the pillow surface.

STEP 3. Let it sit for half an hour.

STEP 4. Spot cleaning is done. Now it’s time to clean it all up. For yellow pillows, you will make a mixture of the following ingredients.Take a bowl and mix half a cup of vinegar, one cup of dishwasher detergent, 3/4 cup of baking soda, and three tablespoons of laundry detergent.

STEP 5. Turn the machine on, fill it with normal water and add this mixture. Place your pillows inside and run the first cycle.

STEP 6. Now run a second cycle with warm or hot water to have a sanitizing effect.

STEP 7. After the rinse, place pillows in the dryer and adjust settings on either air-dry or low-heat.

STEP 8. Wrap tennis balls in a clean cloth. Toss inside the dryer.

STEP 9. Place pillows under direct sunlight as this heat is the pillow’s natural disinfectant.

STEP 10. Once pillows are fully dry, please bring them back to your bed.

Washing Yellow pillows with Bleach

You can brighten up your yellow pillows with bleach, which can also kill bacteria and germs. However, before you try this method, you need to ensure that bleach is safe for your pillow material.

Here is a step-by-step guide to follow for washing yellow pillows with bleach:

STEP 1. Take a big bucket and soak your two pillows in a cup of bleach for thirty minutes to an hour.

STEP 2. Fill the machine with warm water and add two tablespoons of mild detergent. You can use hot water to kill the bacteria.

STEP 3. Place two pillows inside your washing machine and run the first cycle. STEP 4. Run the second cycle and rinse.

STEP 5. Put both pillows in the dryer alongside two tennis/laundry balls to prevent clumping and maintain the fluffiness of your pillow.

STEP 6. Check the moisture level in the pillows by squeezing them. Let the pillows air dry for hours.

3 Things to Consider Before Washing Pillows

Are you going to wash your pillows? Please consider these three points, so you can wash pillows without compromising their shapes.

Types of Pillow

There are different types of pillows, and you can’t wash them all by following the same technique.

  •   Memory foam pillows are delicate, so you need to hand wash them to maintain them properly.
  •  You can’t wash the buckwheat pillowcase in warm water as they will shrink. You need to use only cold water and mild detergent for them. You can’t clean the hull as wet hulls will lose support and may require replacement.
  • You can wash down and polyester pillows in a washing machine. It’s essential to wash two pillows at a time, arrange them vertically around an agitator or flat in a machine without an agitator.
  • Hand washing is recommended for latex pillows. Although they are sturdy, they need to dry properly. Else they will become a breeding ground of mold and mildew.

Spot cleaning is recommended for the following pillows:

  •  Gel pillows
  • Shredded foam pillows
  • Memory foam pillow
  • Latex pillows

Handwashing is recommended for the following pillows:

  •  Wool pillows
  • Memory foam pillows
  • Down pillow
  • Feather pillows

Machine Washing is recommended for the following pillows:

  • Shredded foam pillows
  • Polyester fiberfill pillows

You can’t wash buckwheat pillows, and you can only wash its shell.

Care Instructions

span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Before you wash your pillows, kindly check their care instructions. Some brands recommend hand washing, while others offer convenience with machine wash solutions.

Try to find out whether it’s okay to dry a pillow in a low-heat setting or does it have only a no-heat choice. Care instructions are your ultimate guide for washing a pillow, so please get directions from it.

Age of Pillow

Every pillow has its lifespan. You can check a label to determine the expiry date of a pillow. Some pillows have a lifespan of 2 years, while others last longer than that.

When a pillow turns very old, it’s not advised to use it. This is because this pillow won’t provide adequate head and neck support. So, it’s recommended to replace them instead of washing them.

If you don’t know the exact age, perform a simple test. First, fold your pillow in half. If it comes back to its original position, then it’s good to use. Otherwise, buy a new one.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you plan to deep clean your pillows, the best place to start is with their tags and care instructions. When you don’t find any guide or tag that isn’t readable, you can follow the step-by-step guide of washing pillows mentioned above. Always remove stains and spots from the pillow first and then toss them in the machine or bathtub for further cleaning. Washing them won’t take much time but you need to be patient during drying time . As they are bulky and fluffy items, they will take more than one day to dry completely. If you still have some questions and concerns regarding washing your pillows, please feel free to ask. We will be happy to handle your queries efficiently. 


Standing Desk

Best Office Desk (2021): Reviews and Recommendations

Getting the best office desk is essential for one’s productivity. More so because of the ‘Work From Home’ setup that most of us are stuck with.

A good office desk should offer functionality, style, and not take up too much space. While working on your sofa, dining table, or bed does not sound like a bad idea, after a week or so, one cannot help but seek a proper workspace. 

Hence, we checked multiple brands, understood their design, went through hundreds of customer reviews, and listed our top picks of office desks. Our list includes a mix of standing desks, computer desks, executive desks, gaming desks, and so on. Keep reading to find out more!

8 Best Office Desks of 2021

1. Ikea LINNMON w/ Alex Computer Table with Drawers

Who doesn’t love a wide and spacious desk with enough storage spaces? If you do then the Ikea LINNMON Computer Desk is a great buy. You can either get the LINNMON desk alone or combine it with one or two Alex storage drawers.

The LINNMON is made of particleboard, ABS plastic, foil, fiberboard, and polypropylene. It is a sturdy desk that can be used for all sorts of office/ schoolwork while the high-quality drawers provide plenty of space for storing files, stationeries, or even snacks! Also, both the pieces are designed in such a way that you can assemble them easily and place them in any nook and corner of your room.

According to the price, the LINNMON desk provides great quality and style. However, some buyers on Amazon have warned about the top of the table being prone to cracks and scratches.


  • Minimalist aesthetic
  • Wide enough (Dimensions: 150 x 75 x 73 cm)
  • Sturdy built
  • Easy to assemble
  • Plenty of storage space (with the drawers)
  • Can be placed anywhere in your room


  • Tabletop may get scratched easily

2. Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

Available in three sizes and four classy colors, the Jarvis Adjustable Standing Desk is just what you need for small spaces. It is simple, sleek, and versatile— everything you need when you are falling short of space.

This adjustable desk is sustainably made of bamboo which was grown without pesticides or fertilizers. Thus, the color of the tabletop has been achieved naturally. If you are someone who is trying to make environmentally conscious decisions without sacrificing on the aesthetic, the Jarvis is your best bet!

With a lifting capacity of 350 lbs, this convertible stand desk looks sleek but is beefy enough to hold all of your official paperwork. A small circular opening on the top-right corner holds wires to keep your desk organized. We think getting a desk this sturdy and functional under $1000 is quite a steal!


  • Adjustable height— four ergonomic presets on the programmable memory handset with LED display
  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple, sleek yet sturdy
  • Circular opening for cable management
  • Sustainably made


  • May be too small for some
  • No drawers
  • Poor customer service

3. Coavas Folding Home Office Desk

Stylish and sleek, the Coavas Folding Home Office desk is another great option for small office spaces. When not in use, you can easily fold and store it in any corner of your room. It is also light enough to carry around for outdoor parties and picnics.

While it may not be the widest work desk, the waterproof MDF tabletop is spacious enough to keep your laptop, mouse, and more. Long-legged users will love the ample amount of leg space that this table provides. The metal legs may look flimsy but are surprisingly quite stable and sturdy.

Style-wise too, this folding desk earns brownie points from Amazon reviewers. Its modern and elegant look is easy to match with the rest of your home or office furniture. At once glance, you won’t be able to tell it’s a foldable desk. 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Foldable but not flimsy
  • Waterproof MDF tabletop
  • Sturdy metal legs give a modern look
  • Light enough to carry outside
  • Enough leg space


  • Small desk
  • No storage drawers
  • Expensive

4. SHW Home Office 55-Inch Home Office Desk

Minimalistic and modern, the SHW Home Office 55-Inch Desk offers adjustable glides so you can place the desk on uneven ground. Available in four trendy colors, with Espresso being the most popular, this desk is a promising option for the current working from home scenario for most of us. 

The sensible design of this desk features two grommets to organize your wires and an easy to clean tabletop. Also, it is easy to assemble and place in any part of your workspace. If you are looking for furniture for your office, SHW offers plenty of other designs that can be assembled together for a cohesive look. 

Reviewers on Amazon love how sturdy and spacious the desk is which makes it suitable for office work, writing, gaming, etc. Overall, it offers great quality for that affordable price tag!


  • Value for money
  • Long and spacious desktop with silver steel frame
  • Easy to clean and easy to assemble
  • Sturdy
  • Grommets for cable management
  • Available in four shades
  • Adjustable glides


  • Complaints about receiving defective items
  • Lack of extra storage

5. Tribesigns Computer Desk

Another option if you have a tight budget is the Tribesigns 55-inch Office Desk/ Computer Table/ Writing Desk. Made of engineered wood and a metal frame, this desk is built to last. The waterproof and anti-scratch laminated MDF finish further prolongs its life. Stable, durable, and easy to clean… sounds too good to be true? There’s more!

This computer desk is also great for tall users looking for more legroom. It is large enough to keep a laptop/ desktop with a printer, etc. and some knick-knacks. Also, the table is easy to assemble, clean, and maintain. With just four legs and two leg bars with a hex key, the brand guarantees that assembling will only take fifteen minutes!

Additionally, the product packaging also includes leg pads so the desk can be placed smoothly even on uneven surfaces. This modern and wide computer table is one of the best home office desks available on Amazon.


  • Durable engineered wood and metal frame
  • Waterproof, anti-scratch, laminated finish
  • Assembling takes just 15 minutes
  • Minimal and modern desk
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Very large 55″ x 23.6″ tabletop
  • Includes leg pads to place on uneven work surfaces


  • Some complaints regarding the quality of materials
  • No storage space

6. Walker Edison Soreno 3-piece Corner Desk

The Walker Edison Soreno 3-piece Workstation desk offers everything you can ask for in a budget desk. With a CPU stand and keyboard tray, you get a wide workspace with a fabulous, design, stability, and functionality. The clean lines of the L-shaped desk enhance its overall modern aesthetic.

The desk is made of beveled tempered glass and powder-coated steel legs which ensure durability and sturdiness. The included keyboard tray can be mounted on either side of the table while the CPU stand has a universal design. The step-by-step instructions manual is easy to follow but it might take quite a while for one to assemble all the parts of the desk.

Reviewers on Amazon swear by this 3-piece desk’s multi-functionality. Available in five stylish shades and six designs, you can choose the one that looks best with your office or home aesthetic. Be it working, studying, or gaming— this desk does not disappoint.


  • Versatile and multi-functional
  • Keyboard tray and universal CPU stand included
  • Large enough to fit multiple monitors
  • Sturdy tempered glass and steel legs
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Various colors and designs to choose from
  • Budget buy


  • No extra storage
  • No cable management

7. Office Hippo Professional Cantilever Desk

A high-quality and well-built option, the Office Hippo Professional Cantilever Desk offers a variety of colors and sizes in an affordable price range. The 1-inch thick desktop is easy to mount and the brand guarantees at least 5 years of durability. 

The cable holes on each side of the desk also come in handy when you have way too many wires cluttering your workspace. Users on Amazon especially love the generous sizings of the desk. The largest model of the Professional Cantilever desk is wide and long enough to allow two people to work together with their laptops. 

Especially for working from home, this desk is an impressive value for money. All you need is an office chair to go with it and you are set for your journey to productivity! 


  • Multiple color and size options
  • Value for money
  • Thick, durable, and spacious tabletop
  • Cable holes available
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to build


  • Faulty delivery service
  • No extra storage space

8. Tribesigns Computer Desk with Hutch and Bookshelf

Although Tribesigns has not offered many color options for its Computer Desk with Hutch and Bookshelf, its multi-functionality makes up for it. Made of solid wood and heavy duty metal, the desk offers maximum stability. The wear-resistant and heat-resistant panels further enhance the overall durability.

This desk cum bookshelf has been designed in such a way that it is compact enough to fit anywhere but spacious enough to work comfortably. One can fit his/ her laptop/ desktop, tons of books, office supplies, etc. Also, the table top is easy to clean and maintain.

Assembling is also no rocket science as it will not take more than 20 minutes of your time. Adjustable leg pads make the desk easy to place on uneven surfaces. Additionally, we appreciate the rounded edges of the furniture for safety purposes. Other than students and office-goers, this desk is suitable for gamers as well.



  • Includes hutch and shelving system
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Water-resistant, heat-resistant, and easy to clean desktop
  • Spacious yet compact
  • Adjustable leg pads
  • Easy to assemble


  • Complaints about receiving defective product

Things to Consider while buying Office Desks

Size and Space

According to the space of your office/ living room/ study room, etc., check what size of desk you can accommodate. Most office desks offer various sizes so make sure you go through the dimensions before making the purchase. Just because you wish to have a large workstation does not mean you can fit an elephant in a fridge!


While this depends on personal preference, try to opt for neutral or muted shades that will suit your existing furniture and the vibe of your workplace. Most of the time, various shades of brown are a good match for most colors.

Material and Quality

The material of the desk determines what it is ideal for. For example, a wooden desk is not a good option if your work requires you to write or draw on paper as it scratches easily. However, it is quite durable. We do not suggest splurging too much but compromising on quality is also not recommended. Make it a one time investment so try to strike a balance between your budget and quality.


Not all desks include drawers and bookcases but finding one which does is not impossible! For instance, the Tribesigns Computer Desk with Hutch and Bookshelf, Fenon Reversible Desk with Bookcase, John Lewis & Partners Abacus Corner Desk are great multi-functional pieces. After all, who does not love some extra storage?


With our list of best office desks, you can easily find your dream workstation! Keep in mind the points listed above and make sure you have your preferences sorted. Since we would not want you to regret any purchase, we have ensured that we include only high-quality and aesthetically pleasing desks. 

Happy shopping!


Upright Exercise Bikes

10 Best Upright Exercise Bikes (2020)

The best upright exercise bikes can help one stay in shape, without hitting the gym. Sounds too good to be true? A high-quality indoor cycling bike can actually help you burn the same number of calories as an outdoor bike.

As more of us are sticking indoors to help battle the spread of COVID-19, an upright exercise bike with a comfortable seat, ergonomic and adjustable handlebars, is a great way to stay active and stay safe.

We have compiled our top 10 picks of the best upright exercise bikes to help you get started. The list includes upright bikes of different price ranges and system options.

Best Upright Exercise Bike

1. Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

The heavy-duty Schwinn 170 Upright Bike with a weighted flywheel provides the best workout experience at the comfort of your home.

However, the brand ensures that its high-end features do not hurt your budget. The steel frame makes this indoor exercise bike durable while the adjustable seat and handles provide a customized fit. The 25 levels of magnetic resistance offer more variety in one’s workout routine.

However, the bike’s USP is the DualTrack console which displays different workout programs, your heart rate, and allows Bluetooth connectivity for some music to go with your sweating sesh!


  • Impressive magnetic resistance system
  • Durable body, easy to assemble
  • Dual LCD screen, heart rate monitor, speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, USB port, etc.
  • Comfortably padded seat
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Cooling fan
  • Water bottle holder
  • Additional shelf for holding your magazine, iPad, tablet, etc.


  • Seat might be a bit uncomfortable for some
  • Complaints on Amazon about loud clunking noise

2. Sunny Health and Fitness Exercise Cycling Bike- SF-B1002/C

The Sunny Health and Fitness Chromed Flywheel Indoor Cycle Bike is your cardio companion when you cannot hit the gym. Relatively lightweight and quiet, this stationary bike offers an actual outdoor cycling experience. The adjustable seats and handlebar ensure you feel comfortable while the toe clips keep your feet in place throughout your cardio session.

On the contrary, the absence of an LCD screen to display your progress, and the inability to adjust the handlebar forward and backward are some major bummers.

However, in this price range, this exercise equipment is quite a deal for home use.


  • Closest to a regular bike riding experience
  • Water bottle holder
  • Lightweight and noiseless
  • Toe clips for a better grip
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Recommended for tall people


  • Does not display heart rate, calories burned, etc.
  • Not suitable for short people

3. Marcy Upright Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-708

With a premium steel frame, the Marcy ME-708 ensures maximum durability and stability while you paddle your way to a fitter you! Its adjustable seat enables users of different heights to exercise on it comfortably.

Plus, the adjustable foot straps also add on to provide you more control. The magnetic resistance system makes for a challenging workout, similar to bicycling outdoors over different terrains.

Despite being lightweight and reasonably priced, this upright stationary bike does not sacrifice on quality and functionality. Its LCD display, albeit small, shows the important stats like calories burnt, time, speed, etc.


  • Adjustable seat and foot straps
  • 8 levels of resistance
  • LCD screen displays important stats
  • Lightweight yet premium design
  • Does not produce any noise


  • No heart rate monitoring
  • Not much difference between various levels of magnetic resistance
  • Poor quality LCD screen

4. Schwinn Airdyne AD7

The Schwinn Airdyne AD7 is a crowd-pleaser with its great versatility when it comes to weight, height, and fitness level of the user.

Its powder-coated, moisture repellant steel frame not just lasts longer but also looks ‘new’ for a longer period. The saddle is adjustable to suit the user’s height and the moving handlebars allow multiple gripping positions for an overall ergonomic experience. Its 26 blade fan wheel may look beefy but is surprisingly quiet while providing smooth air resistance.

Moreover, this air bike is the only Airdyne that offers workout programs. Overall, we highly recommend this bike for an intense cardio workout like HIIT.


  • Powder-coated, moisture repellant steel frame lasts long and looks fresh
  • Belt drive and 26 blade fan wheel promise a smooth and quiet ride
  • Compact size, perfect for a home gym
  • Highly adjustable seat
  • Movable armbars for upper body workout
  • 9 in-built workout programs
  • Water bottle holder
  • Shows workout stats
  • Footrest available


  • Seat may be too small for some
  • Cheap monitor

5. Nautilus U616 Upright Bike

The Nautilus U616 upright bike combines performance and style with its sleek and solid frame that weight capacity of 300 lbs. It offers 25 levels of magnetic resistance and 29 in-built workout programs to test your strength and endurance!

It even features two high-resolution, backlit LCD displays that display your workout stats to keep you motivated. The weighted flywheel ensures consistency while the padded seat delivers some amount of comfort. The seat, handlebars, and cooling fan can be adjusted according to your preference.

Moreover, the in-console speakers, USB charging port, media shelf, and bottle holder provide an overall enjoyable pedaling experience.


  • 25 levels of adjustable resistance and 29 workout programs for effective weight loss
  • Padded seat, grippy handlebars, and cooling fan are adjustable
  • Media shelf and large bottle holder available
  • Impressive secondary features to make your workout routine enjoyable
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • High-quality LCD screens are visible on low light conditions as well
  • Displays workout data like calories, speed, time, distance, level, etc.


  • Hard seat

6. Schwinn 130 Upright Exercise Bike

Schwinn is the most renowned brand lauded in many exercise bike reviews so no wonder this is its third bike we have mentioned. With its strong frame and high-inertia flywheel, this bike will take your home workout to the next level. Reviewers on Amazon swear by the Schwinn 130’s DualTrack console that displays your stats and includes 22 workout programs.

According to your fitness level, you can choose from fun rides to more intense lower body workouts. The adjustable, padded seat and ergonomic grips on the handlebars provide a comfy and stable riding position.

Moreover, the transport wheels also make the bike easy to move around your house.


  • Noiseless
  • 20 levels of magnetic resistance for more endurance workouts
  • Impressive console displays workout data and 22 workout programs
  • Sturdy frame
  • Large and padded seat, adjustable handlebars, and toe straps
  • Fair range of multimedia options, considering the price
  • Media shelf and water bottle holder
  • Adjustable cooling fan


  • Display screen is not backlit

7. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike with Pulse

If you don’t want to sacrifice on space by getting a chunky indoor bike, the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike is your best bet. Its magnetic body can be folded and stored into the smallest of spaces… even under your bed!

But don’t get fooled by its small footprint. This foldable bike has a weight capacity of 300 lbs and can be used by tall people as well. The extra-large seat is cushioned and adjustable to provide you an accommodating and comfortable ride.

Moreover, the LCD screen is a plus if you want to check your progress via the hand pulse rate monitor.


  • Recommended for small spaces
  • Cushioned and comfortable seat
  • Hand pulse sensors
  • Impressive central console and LCD shows important workout data
  • Fair range of weight and height capacity
  • No noise


  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance may not be enough
  • Some low-quality parts make this bike suitable for light to moderate workouts only

8. Flexispot Deskcise Pro V9 Desk Exercise Bike

The Flexispot Deskcise Pro V9 Desk Exercise Bike stays true to its name with its adjustable seat and desk. Its solid built provides stability while the magnetic tension resistance provides enough friction to test your strength.

The transporting wheels do not have a physical lock so the bike moves smoothly when not in use, and stays put once you sit on it. Typing on your laptop will not result in painful wrists with the desk wrist pad.

Also, you will be surprised to hear your typing makes more noise than the almost noiseless pedaling. Another interesting feature is the option of unscrewing the desk part and using the bike portion under a regular, full-sized desk.


  • Pedaling makes no noise
  • Comfortable seat
  • Adjustable parts for more versatility
  • High-quality parts for increased sturdiness
  • Integrated resistance bands
  • Foldable


  • Not recommended for users shorter than 5’2”
  • Heavy
  • Poor ergonomics

9. Xspec Indoor Foldable Stationary Compact Upright Cardio Workout Exercise Cycling Bike

The Xspec Foldable Stationary Upright Bike is a premium option for limited space. Lightweight and portable, one will be able to place this gym equipment in any part of your apartment. The thick, cushioned seat is perfect for long workout hours while the 8 levels of magnetic tension help build endurance.

Moreover, the foot straps provide more stability, the LCD screen shows workout details, and the anti-skid handlebars offer maximum grip.

However, some cyclists on Amazon have complained about the bike’s durability and noise while cycling. A major reason behind the two issues could be the movable interiors.


  • Portable and compact
  • LCD screen displays workout stats
  • Comfortable seat
  • Stylish design
  • Adjustable magnetic tension, seat height, foot straps, etc.


  • Durability issues
  • May produce some noise

10. Body Rider Indoor Upright Bike with Curve Crank Tech and Rear Drive Flywheel

The Body Rider Indoor Upright Bike BCY6000 offers the exclusive Curve-crank Technology and an Inertia-driven steel flywheel for a smooth and safe ride. Exercising will never be boring with the media shelf that can hold your iPad/ tablet so you can enjoy music or movies while shedding some kilos. The comfortable seat, non-grip handlebars, and magnetic resistance levels are adjustable to your height, fitness level, etc. Moreover, the LCD screen displays your workout progress to keep you motivated. One downside of this bike would be the difficulty of assembling the parts.


  • User friendly
  • Curve-crank technology
  • LCD screen displays workout stats
  • Media shelf
  • Comfortable seat and handlebars
  • Adjustable according to one’s height


  • 8 levels of resistance are not enough
  • Difficult to assemble, especially for beginners

Upright Exercise Bike Buyer’s Guide


Indoor exercise bikes can be grouped into three types— upright bikes, spinning bikes, and recumbent bikes. While spinning bikes are recommended for high-intensity workouts, recumbent exercise bikes are best for seniors, and anyone with joint pain. However, upright bikes bring you the best of both worlds of comfort and portability. Moreover, some upright bikes are of ‘dual action’ nature which allows upper body workouts as well.


Depending on your fitness goals and preferences, you can choose between magnetic resistance and air resistance. We would suggest opting for indoor bikes that offer higher levels of resistance for more gradual growth in strength and endurance.

Weight Capacity and Height Range

Users with average weight and height can find tones of suitable exercise bikes for themselves. However, if you are on any one of the extreme ends, you must invest in a bike that offers an adjustable seat and handlebars. This way you can be assured of the accommodating capacity of a particular bike. Trust us, you do not want to end up with an upright bike that your legs or hands can’t reach!

Central Console

Feedback is important when one is on his/ her journey to fitness. With regular monitoring, one feels motivated to keep going. Thus, we recommend upright exercise bikes with LCD screens that display workout data like calories burnt, time, speed, etc. Some expensive bikes may feature two screens, the additional one showing the workout program or any fitness app that you may be using.


An exercise bike can require quite a lot of space so ensure you buy one that suits your living space. For apartments, we highly recommend foldable indoor bikes. Some of these bikes can even be detached from their handles or desks and can be used on your regular desk.


The seat is the most important component when it comes to comfort. Make sure you check if the seat is padded and thick enough to not cause any irritation while working out. Moreover, the height of your bike should also be suitable for your own height for optimum comfort.


Those were our picks for the best upright exercise bikes. It is best for all of us to stay indoors as much as we can in such difficult times. However, that does not mean we must turn into a couch potato! By investing in an indoor exercise bike that suits your body type, fitness level, and requirements, living space, etc., you can stay in shape without stepping out. Now, isn’t that a win-win situation?

Bar Essentials

15 Home Bar Essentials

I made this post because one time I brought a woman home from a bar after a long night out. I won’t get into all the details – like, you know, her leaving early because she had to work in the morning. But what I will talk about is my utter embarrassment when I realized all I had to offer her to drink was: a coke zero, nearly-expired milk, and a bottle of banana-flavored vodka I had leftover from an ill-fated party I threw back in college.

I realized that I needed to have an adult kitchen and an adult kitchen means stocking up on home bar essentials.

We’re not going to go crazy in this post. I’m not going to recommend that you keep fresh cinnamon sticks or constantly be buying fresh limes as you throw out the ones that go bad in the bottom of your fridge.

No, we’re going to focus on the bar items you need at your house to make a wide variety of drinks and not look like an idiot when you have people over.

A well-stocked bar leads to:

  • A more fun night
  • Better conversations
  • Expanding your drink horizons

Here are the home bar essentials that I keep stocked up on, including drinks I learned how to make.

The 4 Liquors You Should Have On Your Shelf

1. Vodka

Vodka is a versatile liquor. You can use it to make vodka and soda, vodka and tonic, moscow mules (if you have ginger beer), a vodka martini.

It’s great for refreshing cocktails on warm summer nights.

Want something simple and aways refreshing for brunch? Make a screwdriver, which is vodka and orange juice.

2. Whiskey

Whiskey is another staple. You can drink whiskey neat or on the rocks or with a splash of water. You can also make whiskey sours and whiskey and soda.

Want something really easy? Have a whiskey and cola.

3. Gin

Gin is a little more unique. Most people don’t ask for gin, but it’s also a cocktail that shows your friends you’re seriously about cocktails.

You can make a gin and tonic for something easy, or a negroni for something a little more complicated. You can also make a Tom Collins, which is just gin, simple syrup, and soda water.

4. Tequila

No bar is complete without tequila – learn to make margaritas (it’s not hard, as a real margarita isn’t the slushy drink you get at franchise restaurants).

The Mixers

5. Vermouth

Vermouth needs to a staple to make any home bar complete. It’s called for in hundreds of cocktails, whether you’re making a gin-based cocktail or a whiskey-based cocktail.

6. Soda Water

Buy glass bottles of soda water and keep them in your fridge. You can use them to make a vodka and soda – a crisp, refreshing cocktail. Or a whiskey and soda – something a little warmer.

7. Tonic water

Similar to glass bottles of soda water, you want tonic water to make gin and tonics, vodka tonics, and so on.

8. Cola

Even if you’re not a soda drinker – just keep two or three cans of coca-cola in your fridge. This lets you whip up an easy crowd favorite, like Jack and Coke.

The Three Tools Every Home Bar Needs

9. Tumbler


10. Jigger


11. Cocktail ice cubes

Real mixologists know not to use normal ice when making a drink, even one as simple as whiskey and cola. Why? Because the ice melts too quick. Instead, get cocktail ice cube makers, fill them up with water, and let them freeze in the freezer. This way they’re ready to go whenever you need them.


The Extra Stuff to Make You Seem Fancy

12. Onions

Buy a jar of cocktail onions and leave it in your fridge. This way you can drop one or two in a vodka martini.

13. Olives

Like a jar of onions, a jar of olives can stay in your fridge until you need to use it.

14. Bitters

Making a cocktail is a game of balancing out the sweet and the bitter. Bitters come in various flavors – from your standard go-to Angostura bitters to orange-flavored bitters, grapefruit bitters, and so on.

Adding a dash of bitters to the right cocktail – like when you’re making an old-fashioned, makes a world of difference.

15. Lemon/Lime Juice

Having fresh lemons and limes on hand is a hassle. The goal of having the home bar essentials guide is being ready on the fly.

Because of that, we like having lemon and lime juice in the fridge.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to go buy all of this at once.

You can slowly build up your home bar essentials.

Here’s how I did it: I bought a bottle of liquor every month until I had a bottle of quality vodka, whiskey, gin, and tequila on my shelf (none of that bottom-shelf, well-brand).

Then I added mixers. Vermouth is the most expensive venomous at around $10 a bottle. Soda water, tonic water, and cola is super affordable.

Then I bought the extra items – jarred onions and olives, bitters, cocktail ice cubes, and lemon and lime juice.

In that way, over the course of a few months, you have all the items you need to turn your home into a respectable bar.

You can have friends over and offer them something besides a soda or bottle of water.

The next step – learning how to make some basic cocktails.